The Pres Should Hire a Homeschool Debater

Here’s a cut from Blue Book NCFCA Edition that releases its fall addendum in a few weeks. It will help bring understanding to President Obama’s insistence to attack northern Syria to fight off ISIS in Iraq. But there’s a dilemma that, I believe, he’s not being honest about.

Blue Book - ISIS is in Syria

Taken from Blue Book NCFCA Edition.

You see, the Syrian rebels are, for the most part, ISIS. It’s ironic that I write this on the 13th anniversary of the bombing by Al Qaeda. Even they think ISIS is too radical for them.

Here’s what is disingenuous about the President’s speech: we are going to lose no matter what we do. If we support ISIS, the evil Syrian regime will fall, but Iraq will be lost. If we destroy ISIS, the evil Syrian regime will continue to reign, and Iraq will survive (that is if Obama changes his current policy to pull out of Iraq).

It’s a bloody mess, and there isn’t an easy solution. Three thoughts from wise homeschool debate world:

  1. Staying in Iraq and making sure their military was strong was probably the most preventative measure this administration could have taken to avoid this conflict.
  2. Hillary Clinton lobbied Obama to support Syria’s rebels (yes, Obama actually had considered the exact opposite position just a year ago).
  3. Blue Book has the exact opposite case also available: stop supporting Assad, which tends to suggest this administration is the most confused toward Middle Eastern countries than any other in the history of America.

My best solution for the conflict in the Middle East: hire a homeschool NCFCA debater to come up with the plan. Fire everyone else.