The Resistance

My journaling helps me sort out deep, troubling issues in my life. The more troubling, the less likely they trickle onto my blog. But not today. I want to share with you one that I wrestled with lately: the Resistance.

Speaking in PA

At the Platform Conference, attendees were given a powerful little book, Do The Work, by Steven Pressfield. It speaks of the Resistance, an annoying reality for anyone eager to do great things. It seems that the more successful I become, the greater the Resistance is in my life.

I wish I could say it’s only in my head, but it has shown through some people. There has been some judgments—some pretty hostile ones—come at me in the last couple of years. These people have attacked me a few times directly, but mostly anonymously or behind my back. In some cases they have joined forces to take me down.

I know, you’ve seen this happen. Betrayal isn’t uncommon. Especially in “ministry” circles. Churches split, dysfunction rattles ministries, nonprofits are riddled with scandal. I’m not immune. The Resistance is seeking to destroy, and I sometime lay victim to it’s conniving manipulation.

And it’s personal. It seeks to take me out. Get Chris Jeub out of the greater picture. The Resistance has a slime-ball excuse for any of my honest efforts:

  • I wanna run a tournament. You’ve not run great tournaments before.
  • I wanna train kids in competition. You’re not that great of a coach.
  • I wanna do something great. You don’t have what it takes.
  • I wanna help people help themselves. What a judgmental thing to say.
  • I wanna empower others to do great things. You can’t even do something great yourself.

Ugly, isn’t it? My wife, Wendy, and I meet the Resistance through our family business. We’ve used our unique platform of having 16 children to help pump love into the lives of others. What kind of person would want to take that message down? Why would anyone seek to destroy a message as pure as love? 

  • We wanna have a child. You can’t afford it, you wouldn’t be good parents, and you’re just thinking of yourselves.
  • We wanna encourage moms and dads to love their kids. You struggle with this yourselves, you hypocrites.  
  • We wanna create resources that create love in homes. You’re just in it for the money, you selfish capitalists.
  • We wanna help moms and dads grow strong families. What about nontraditional families? What a judgmental thing to say.
  • We wanna build love in the house. You can’t even do this yourselves, you losers.

Yep, read our blog’s comments and you’ll see the Resistance alive and strong. It doesn’t come through the majority of people, just a few. I’m ashamed to say, last night I was in a subtle depression, weighing judgments like these and considering them to be true. I went to bed early feeling down in the dumps.

I woke with Do The Work on my mind. A fight was brewing in my heart. Punch back. This is more than just attitude. I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to do the work.

“The universe is not indifferent. It is actively hostile.” – Steven Pressfield [Tweet this]

Part of the work is to replace the lies with the truth. There are fundamental truths that I can and must cling to. This is personal. For me…

  • I am excellent at running events.
  • I have the best in mind for the audience I serve.
  • I can administer organizations, large tournaments and camps like nobody’s business.
  • I am building the most powerful speakers and communicators this world has ever seen.
  • I am only a dozen years into this…there is a ton of open land to conquer.

For my family…

  • Wendy and I are great parents with a beautiful family.
  • Wendy and I are exploring the depths of love, depths that others want to explore with us.
  • Wendy and I are really good writers and we’re becoming better speakers.
  • Wendy and I are creating great resources for families to utilize.
  • Wendy and I have only just begun to touch the hearts of families with the power of love.

So, I’m back to work. Are you?

Perhaps you have listened to others’ lies and fallen victim to the Resistance. It is a powerful force, so fight back. Peel away the lies and cast them out into the fire. Don’t give them the consideration they seek. Cling to what is true and good and empowering:

  • I am excellent at [insert what makes you awesome].
  • I have the best in mind for [insert those whom you love].
  • I can administer [insert “your thing” here].
  • I am building [insert what your next project is].
  • I am only [how long have you been at this?]…there is a ton of land left to conquer.

Seek the truth. Declare it. Believe it. Then get to work.

Are you fighting the Resistance?

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  • Wonderful encouragement. Dealing with attacks myself. Anytime we step out in faith to serve the Lord we are going to get attacks and criticism. The evil one isn’t going to make it easy on us. Praying for you!

    • Thanks Gloria! Your post gave me a clever thought: “Meet Resistance with Resilience.” Catchy?

  • Excellent way to address the topic! I’ve been thinking about some of this myself lately! Thank you for sharing!

    • You’re welcome. Funny, the more transparent I get, the more I’m able to impact others. Hmmm… me thinks there’s something to that.

      • Jasmin Aprile

        Yes, I’ve been realizing that myself. I call it “beautiful vulnerability”. No Christian is perfect, and the less we pretend to be perfect, the more we will become a close-knit community of believers and build deep friendships. I have made some of my closest friends by daring to be vulnerable about my struggles. Invariably, they respond with something like, “YOU struggle with that, like me? Wow! I thought you would never be able to relate with that. Thank you for encouraging me that I’m not alone.” Beauty is born when we dare to show our imperfections.

  • In 1989 when I accepted an HR position at a large corporation, my predecessor and mentor shared many nuggets with me. Much of my work was labor relations and sometimes dealing with angry people and volatile situations. He said; “Don’t take it personally. There are people that feel they are placed on this earth to mess with others. If you are handy or have public exposure, they will pick you. If no one is available, they will mess with their momma.” This has served me well over the years.

    I also believe this is true. “Just for grins, I wanted to list all the people that are ultra successful in all aspects of their life that spend time being “critical and judgmental of others”. After staring at a blank sheet of paper, I realized that these are two totally separate lists.” – Greg L. Gilbert

    Keep doing what you are doing.

    • Bam! Ka-pow!
      Right on, Greg. An excellent response.

  • Great post, Chris. I just read Steven’s book and I am certainly running into the resistance. For me, I’ve decided to turn Pro, but that decision doesn’t come easy. There is a LOT of pain in being a pro. I’ve decided to define pain this way… Practice, Action steps, Instruction, and Networking… To overcome the resistance takes persistence and at least one of the PAIN tenets…

  • Hannah V

    Thank you so much for posting this! It is exactly what I needed to hear today, especially after encountering some strong resistance this weekend in my Moot Court competition. Thank you for sharing your struggle and triumph with the rest of us who are going through the same thing so we can have that hope to keep persevering!

    • You’re very welcome, Hannah. You’re one of my favorite campers…keep up the great work!

  • Pamela Church

    2 Timothy 3:12
    “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

    Praying for you Chris! I am honored to have met you and your family and am excited about what lies ahead in the future! Rely on God who has gone before us.

    • Thanks, Pam. I appreciate you and your family, too.

  • Jennifer Matlock

    Very timely post, Chris. I’ve recently been struggling with two ideas: First, that the “only” thing I can do to affect the culture for Christ is to raise my children to do so (lie); second, that I do not (yet) have the tools to (be someone who can personally) effectively engage the culture around me for Christ (another lie – it isn’t about what I don’t have, as long as God is with me and calling me to do so). I’ve been wrestling with these two things for several months, but never really clearly drew out the lies until I read your post. All I knew was that I was thinking these things in the abstract, “I want to….but I can’t because…” and suddenly it was all in focus!

    What’s more, had my boys not begun competing in speech and debate last year, I would have missed out on many of the tools I now have in my own arsenal to be an effective communicator for Christ. I spent a lot of time last year sort of feeling sorry for myself, that as a homeschooler in the late ’80s, early ’90s, speech and debate wasn’t an option, and it’s something I would have loved to do. Clearly I wasn’t putting 2 and 2 together to realize that God had brought not only a very clear calling into my life, but was preparing me in a very unique way to answer that call!

    • Well said, Jennifer! Keep giving the Resistance a run for his money. I’m right there with you.