The Ship That Turned in 2016

Recounting 2016 shift in publishing, and a promising 2017 to come

The close of this year is a reflective time for me because I feel I have completed the most successful year in my nearly 20 years of publishing. And if you’re into speech and debate, wait till you hear what I have planned for next year!


Allow me to use a metaphor to explain my 2016 resolution: I turned a ship around. Since 1998, I have published books for academic speakers and debaters. Working with the best coaches in the nation, we would pump out yearly content, coil-bind a hefty amount of paper together, and send them out to debaters.

The way we used to deliver source material.

The way we used to deliver source material.

It was a decent gig. I jumped the corporate world in 2004 and worked full-time to keep these resources pumping out. Needless to say, the print world is (mostly) behind us, and my market demanded more. They wanted digital releases in a snap, consistent and reliable coaching throughout the year, and they wanted it more conveniently than a yearly book that comes early in the year.

The big change? Monument MembershipsNo other sourcebook solution is being offered like this. After a successful trial to loyal customers last spring, we launched Monument Memberships in July. We’ve released 26 downloads to date to nearly a thousand members! These releases include topical briefs, cases, summaries, samples, and study helps to enrich your learning and understanding of your events. Two months ago we released Monument Coaching Lessons, starting with “Four Secrets to Competitive Success,” a way of guiding students through the school year of competition.

Needless to say, no one will be more prepared for competition than Monument Members. It’s much like having a personal coach. Or coaches! We have 36 writers on our team, many of them the best coaches in the country and champions themselves, all ready to serve members.

But you haven’t seen the best of it yet! We have a lot more in store for you in 2017. Let me list some of what we have coming for Monument Members…

  • – On May 1, we will launch, a site dedicated to our prized members. $12/mo. will be our standard for Season 18, which will open the door to many more valuable features. Having a separate site dedicated solely to our members will add a ton of great benefits, deals and efficiencies.
  • Midseason & Late-season Shifts – My books are still available for $30 each (non-members can get these following the member releases). For now, we are shifting from case development to negative and opposition briefs. We’ll continue this throughout the heavier competitive season until the Late-season (starting in February), when we focus on your last qualifiers and eventually Nationals.
  • NITC Camp – Are you going to make it to Nationals? With Monument Memberships, we sure hope so. Nationals is the BIGGEST finish line of the year, and our “Nationals Intensive Training Camp” is the best way to make sure you clear it. Members will get exclusive connection with coaches and a great deal for this special event.
  • Training Minds Camp – It’s tough to think about Season 18, but it will be here before we know it. Watch for a big announcement next week: Training Minds Camp is coming to Colorado! Our top coaches will gather for Season 18 debate training. Of course, members get dibs on the first space, plus a significant discount on accompanying resources.

Starting Monday, all memberships will go up by 50%. Right now, members get everything (including the 26 archives currently online) for $8/mo. + $20 signup fee. On January 1, 2017, this will go up to $12/mo. + $30 signup fee. This is somewhat of a penalty to those who want to join at the last minute, but also an encouragement to current members who have built up consistent, reliable teaching so far this season. They are toned up and ready to win!

Monument Memberships: The new way to train for successful competition.

Monument Memberships: The new way to train for successful competition.

This price hike is going to help revolutionize how speakers and debaters train for competition. The more this ship turns around, the more I actually pity the debater who doesn’t do their membership. It is like refusing the help of a top-notch coach. We’ve published material for years that have helped countless numbers of students become champions, and the Monument Memberships will continue the legacy.

Happy New Year, and let’s have an awesome 2017!