The Significance of Saturday’s Deadline

Tonight’s a big night. All three leagues will have their resolutions announced—NCFCA, NSDA and Stoa—and that means the best deal of the summer ends on June 20.

Your first tournament will be here before you know it. Be sure to order today!

This effects all students in this way: Monument Publishing’s early summer sale consists of twenty percent off everything on its website. Not just sourcebooks, but everything.

I have the order form above at NCFCA Nationals right now. Download it to serve as a reference. These deals are fantastic and will be going away June 20:

  1. SOURCEBOOKS. These are our best-selling books of the year in most demand in the summer. Choose from blue, red, gold, silver and bronze depending on the events you plan to compete.
  2. TEXTBOOKS AND CURRICULUM. Even if you’re not a teacher, you will want to load up on the materials that lead you into the depths of learning speech and debate.
  3. CAMP WORKSHOPS. We have over sixty recordings from our 15 years of camp experiences training the top champions in the nation. Our track record speaks for itself!
  4. TOURNAMENT SUPPLIES. Your first tournament will be here before you know it, so ordering your timepieces or flowsheets before it comes will save you 20%.

If you’re at NCFCA, you can pick up the order form at my vendor’s booth. But if not, be sure to hop online and make sure you get your order in. Sale ends Saturday!