The Solution to the Next Orlando

Gun and Muslim control are red herring solutions that leave us vulnerable

With a tragedy like Orlando (and San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Chattanooga, and Charleston of the last year), I search for answers. But it is almost impossible to find them amidst the social media pontification from the Left and the Right. Both are obnoxious and critically wrong. I feel we are sitting ducks for another senseless murder.

Omar Mateem

How do you stop lunatics like this? No one seems to have the solution.

Some people take full advantage of tragedy to press their own unchanging political or ideological agenda. I find it irritating to read forwarded Mother Jones articles calling for more gun control, and just as obnoxious are Breitbart reminders of Jihadists and Syrian refugees. As if either side knew what they were talking about; they are only spewing out that which they already think to be true.

I’m much more eager to consider a solution that will work to prevent another terrorist attack. Those in charge seem to be fixated on their predictable problems:

  1. From the Left, it’s a lack of gun control. This is our President’s take: If Omar Mateen didn’t have access to an automatic rifle, the massacre wouldn’t have happened. I just can’t buy into this. There are reasonable gun restrictions in place now, but to terrorists, these restrictions are obstacles to overcome. More gun laws do not and will not inhibit the lawbreaker. How about we just make murder illegal? You see, the Left’s solution is really no solution. It’s a diversion.
  2. From the Right, it’s the Islamic religion. This seems to be Trump’s take: Close the door on immigrants and refugees. This is the flip side of the debate, and it is just as ignorant of the facts. Omar (as with all the shooters of the past decade!) were American born and legally in the country. Closing immigration seems as un-American as throwing out the 2nd Amendment. Besides, refusing the billion peaceful Muslims for fear of the few radicals will not deter the radicals. How about we just make Islam illegal? Throw out the 1st Amendment. You see, the Right’s solution is no solution. It, too, is a diversion.

Both of these takes seem like fallacies in this respect: Gun control and Islamophobia are solutions put forth by people who do not want to grapple with the real solution. I think they fear it, so they cling to false and empty solutions that will not do anything. These are red herrings that draw us away from solutions that can rid our country of terror attacks like Orlando’s.

There is this solution. It’s so obvious…

  1. Go after radical terrorists. Stop trying to make connections to ideologies that cannot be contained; instead, find the connections between Omar and the terror organization he is linked to. Build your case and go after them. This is our Constitutional right, the reason for our military and Executive Branch, and it is the fullest expectation of Americans for our elected officials to fulfill our national defense. There is nothing holding them back.

For me, I resist the error of going after lawful gun owners as well as peaceful Muslims. It may be irritating to hear ideologues flood social media with their insistence that their side’s solution have (or has ever had) merit, but it is infuriating to see our leaders refuse to address the evil that is blindingly obvious. It’s dangerous! And it will inevitably lead to another attack.

We may ban AR-15 rifles and we may refuse Syrian refugees, but neither so-called solution will get us closer to the level of safety and security we need. Mark my words: another terror attack is looming because of our leaders’ refusal to address the problem of radical terrorism.

We can sustain a world free from radical terrorism, but we need the leadership and resolve to do so. As long as we chase after gun control and Islamophobia, we’ll continue to see terror win out.