The Stories Behind the Debate Covers

One of the more enjoyable tasks of my publishing cycle is choosing a picture for the covers of the Monument Publishing Sourcebooks. Allow me to introduce to you the debate pictures—each with a little story of its own—and a request to help me find another picture.

3D - Debate Sourcebooks

Blue Books

I publish two sourcebooks for team-policy debate, one for each league. The NCFCA edition had quite the story to it. I chose the cover after Stefanie Klaves (one of those pictured) submitted the picture in May. Low and behold, these same two teams wound up in the final round at Nationals last week. It was as if I rigged the tournament!

Cover Choice for MPB-NCFCA

Stefanie Klaves and Cora Alles (left) placed third at the 2014 NCFCA National Championship, and Caleb Engle and Stephen Vilim (right) won three qualifying tournaments in 2015. They are pictured here at the Region 6 qualifier. Stefanie is a contributor to this Blue Book.

The Stoa edition cover was chosen after NITOC, Stoa’s national tournament, in May. The picture was taken by the Stoa parent Frank Tang. The back of the book explains:

Cover Choice for MPB-Stoa

Stoa National Champions Jonathan Lyle and Jack Anderson receive their awards, delivered by Megan McKinley, one of the year’s previous national champions.

Red Books

The Stoa Red Book was an easy choice. Frank Tang allowed me to use the picture of the NITOC Champion, Joseph Abell. The back cover reads,

Cover Choice for MPR-Stoa

Joseph Abell won Tournament Champion at the 2015 National Invitational Tournament of Champions in May. He is a contributor to this year’s Red Book.

The NCFCA Red Book took a little more to dig for. I didn’t take this picture, but I judged the last preliminary round of Matt Rosa. I gave him the win and was quite impressed with his debating. I asked him for a picture and he sent this one.

Cover Choice for MPR-NCFCA

Convincing the judge is the end-goal of every competitive debate round. Pictured here is Matt Rosa from Region 4 shaking the hand of a parent judge in the octa-final round at the 2015 NCFCA National Championship in St. Paul. Picture taken by Maria Rosa.

Wanted: An Extemp Picture

I’ll publish another post for speech sourcebooks as soon as I select a cover for Gold Book. This is my sourcebook dedicated to mastering current events, particularly for extempers. Do you have a photo? Contact me with your submission. Options include:

  • Giving an extemp speech for judges.
  • Preparing for an extemp speech in the proctor room.
  • Accepting a top award for extemp.
  • A large picture of a proctor room.

Note: The picture needs permission from (1) the photographer and (2) the student noted in the picture. Please send me your photos. I appreciate it!