The TMB Giveaway

If you are a subscriber to Training Minds emails or a Facebook Fan of its page, you got an invitation to one of 25 free copies of my company’s newest resource: the Training Minds BinderI’d like to announce the winners, but first let me explain what they won. It’s a brand new product that I’m most excited about, and both students and coaches will be too.

Training Minds Binders

The Training Minds Binder is a 3-ring durable binder with five individual tabs to help guide students through their competitive speech and debate season. The subtitle of the binder speaks for itself, “Your Guide to Successful Speech & Debate Competition.”

I tested this out on my own club this year, and it worked great. Students keep all their club materials in one place. This helps the kids keep organized, but it also helps you in your ability to quickly assess how they’re doing in class and at club. I cannot tell you how handy this was as students learned the ins and outs of speech and debate!

Are you new to coaching? The Training Minds Binder (we like to call them TMBs for short) follows the outline laid out in my bestselling resource Jeub’s Guide to Speech & DebateThe tabs are really easy to implement using various lessons that you are implementing throughout your school year. The five tabs:

  1. Club Information. Students will have a handy tab to store club announcements, contact sheets, class handouts, etc.
  2. Speech. Students store their platform and interpretation materials in this tab, as well as notes from your teaching sessions.
  3. Limited-prep. You know that “limited” prep doesn’t mean “no” prep! Limited-preparation research and resources can clip into this tab.
  4. Debate. Depending on which format of debate they choose, students will be able to put their debate material in the fourth tab.
  5. Tournaments. This will be incredibly important come competition season. Students will store tournament information, emails, script submissions, receipts, etc. in the fifth tab.

Like I said, I tried this out in Colorado for my club. Students carried their TMBs with them to every club session, parents were able to quickly reference their kids’ success, and coaches knew that their handouts and lessons weren’t easily lost or discarded. The Training Minds Binder was awesome!

TMB - 3d Cover

Keep reading. The launch is $20, but it’s really worth $60.

The TMB costs $20, but for a limited time is comes with a FREE copy of my signature textbook, Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate. And the textbook comes with a free curriculum, so all-in-all, you are buying a product valued at $60! That’s quite a deal for you and your students.

As you can see, I very much want to make speech and debate easy and fun, but also affordable. I’m throwing in as much as I can afford into the TMB. Be sure to get your order in for your club:

Free Copies

Okay, I gave the first 25 away today, and they’re coming in the mail to the following coaches. I didn’t include their last names, but if you’re part of their club, I bet you can figure it out. Be sure to ask them about their new TMB!

  1. Larry L., Kansas
  2. Angela C., Arkansas
  3. Katharine C., California
  4. Susan R., Florida
  5. Rachella M., Virginia
  6. Curt and Lisa B., California
  7. Marnie H., California
  8. LeAnn M., New Mexico
  9. Dottie B., Alabama
  10. Linda M., Florida
  11. Richard N., Utah
  12. Leinani M., Texas
  13. Carmen D., Arizona
  14. Kim M., Florida
  15. Kris V., Florida
  16. Melanie C., Texas
  17. Elizabeth R., California
  18. Sharon V., Wisconsin
  19. Kathleen E., New Hampshire
  20. Jennifer M., Indiana
  21. Cathy W., Florida
  22. Tammy S., Pennsylvania
  23. Elizabeth P., Oklahma
  24. Gary H., Arizona
  25. Victoria R., Texas

Congratulations, everyone. I’ll be at both Stoa Nationals and NCFCA Nationals. Stop by our booth and check out all our products, including the TMB!

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  • Carmen Dampf, Arizona

    Thank you, Chris. Bottom line: none of us can do this project as well without you, your family, your contributions. Thank you again!

    • That’s very kind of you, Carmen. See you at NITOC!