This Community Changes Lives

The last few days of discussion have been remarkable. A family life has changed, definitely for the better. Andrea and Adam – parents of six children on food stamps for 16 years – are running with a ton of new hope and optimism. There are several reasons why this story was remarkable.

Signed copies of books are coming your way, Andrea, but I suspect that is just the beginning of your blessings.

Keep in mind, these are heavy thoughts, but read every one of them. I believe you’ll want a piece of the action, so I have an action item at the end for you.

In case you’re jumping in at the end, catch up with these links:

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  3. Article 3 “Solutions” – I give my list of encouraging suggestions for getting off food stamps, and readers join in.

Okay, now onto three concluding observations why this story was so incredibly remarkable.

1. Community: An social network of entrepreneurs is one of the most helpful communities for those who want to get off welfare.

I’m so stinkin’ proud of my readers. So many of you jumped right in and spent a good deal of time offering your help to this family in need. Andrea asked for advice, and she got a boatload. You should be proud of yourselves because Andrea’s family have tons of great advice to start combing through. I suspect nothing but good times ahead.

The skeptics threw their empty arguments in the mix, but I don’t care. I suspect that a community like this one – confident, optimistic friends sharing their insights and wisdom – is the best answer to the millions suppressed by government assistance. Once you step outside the entitlement community – like Andrea did – and bravely take on your bright future, new friends will surround you and encourage you and help you.

2. Fears: Andrea overcame seemingly impossible fears, but now she’s broken through.

Andrea and I exchanged a few emails during the last few days. At one point she expressed fear. As her story started ramping up on my site and so many jumping in and commenting, she admitted this was a scary step forward.

Hmmm–fear, I thought. That is very interesting. My wife and I wrote about fear in our first book Love in the House. We make this claim:

The opposite of faith is not doubt. Doubt (skepticism, caution, careful thought) is not necessarily a bad thing.
The opposite of faith is fear. It cripples the person and steals away his or her gifts. The fearful never reach their potential.

But oh, how awesome it is when someone overcomes their fear! It pumps me up. Without fail the person who steps out in faith always looks back at the fear and things, “That wasn’t so bad.” The fear is always greater than the situation. I’m extremely proud of Andrea and Adam for putting their story out there (that was their first fear to overcome), and I think they’d agree that it wasn’t all that bad.

3. Opportunities: When you put yourself out there, the opportunities show themselves.

Today’s world holds so many opportunities. Andrea’s bravery put “out there” via the Internet brought three very nice opportunities her way. First, I certainly wasn’t going to let her bravery go unrewarded. I’m sending her signed copies of some of my books. I have a few signed copies of Ken Davis’ book Fully Alive, and she’s definitely getting one. I love to do it!

Second, a very talented entrepreneur – a friend of mine – emailed me asking for a personal connection with Andrea. She and her family have made a tremendous amount of money in the jewelry business. My friend was intrigued by Andrea’s organizational skills and her eagerness to get off the government dole. They’re hot on discussion how to get into the business.

Third, another friend of mine – a financial advisor – was inspired by Andrea’s enthusiasm to escape the entitlement system. He’s now in contact with her and Adam and working with her to get her basic need budget in line and, hopefully, venture forth with some money-making enterprises. And he isn’t doing to make a dime, he’s doing it to make a friend.

You CAN overcome government assistance. Community, fearlessness, opportunities abound. [Tweet this.]

Wow, such generosity from good people in this community at Thank you so much for participating in this venture.

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  • RickStevens

    I cannot wait to see how God is going to change their lives.