This HuffPo Medium Is Impressive

Last week I was on the Huffington Post Live (view here), and yesterday Wendy and my daughter Tabitha were on (view below). The format is incredible, and my family agrees: we hope to be invited back for worth discussions.

On HuffPoLive

The Huffington Post Live is an online discussion studio that talks about what is important to them. I’m not sure how many production staff there is (perhaps about 30?) but I get their routine already. I’m impressed… 

  1. They kick off with a show idea (an author in the studio, a news item, a popular interest, etc.)
  2. They seek out voices to channel through a Google hangout (that’s how Wendy and I were found, through our family website)
  3. They host a discussion for 1/2 an hour.

Yesterday, from the comfort of My Sweet Home Office SuiteWendy and Tabitha chatted with bestselling author and nutritionist Keri Glassman ( Last week I was involved in a debate on the cultural and environmental impacts of large families.

I’m impressed by how simple and streamlined the medium was. My mind is cranking on how I can capitalize on this for my own businesses and work. Isn’t yours?

And within minutes of the show, I was able to copy an embed link and send it off to all my friends on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the show from yesterday. Wow…