Three Conferences to a Successful Platform

You know the bad rap entrepreneurs get, don’t you? They’re dreamy, too spontaneous, unemployable and easily distracted. I’m an entrepreneur, and I have to admit that there’s a lot of truth in this bad rap! But in the last few years I disciplined myself and invested in three incredible conferences that have helped solidify my business platform, empower me with excellent communication skills, and create resources from which people will pay good money.

Platform Conference

These conferences are the three established by Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt: Platform, SCORRE, Launch. Here are brief explanations of my three year history with these:

  1. Platform. I attended earlier this month 2013. This was a wonderful networking of fellow platform builders, a wonderful event for you and your message.
  2. SCORRE. I attended early 2012. I didn’t need to learn communication skills because I ran a communication organization. (There’s that naive entrepreneur in me.) So I took my wife, Wendy.
  3. Launch. I attended in October 2010 when it was the Professional Communicators Summit. Michael was one of the speakers, but is now business partners with Ken and they run it together.

Today, I am suited up and ready to take on the demands of entrepreneurship. If you’ve followed me for a while, you can probably see noticeable improvements in my web properties, businesses, and platform. The improvements of my successes today I will humbly attribute to these three conferences. In fact, let me say in twitter-speak:

These 3 conference were the best investment in my personal & professional life. [tweet this]

Let me explain the three in greater detail, and I’ll start with what was supposed to be last. And read through to the end…I’ll show you how to get $100 off any conference!

1. Launch

You may not know what I do for a living: I run a nonprofit for academic speakers and debaters. When I started the organization in 2001, I began to realize that I didn’t have the business skills to get it done. So I did what most people do…I went to school. I got my MBA in 2005…my $43,000 MBA.

It worked moderately well, but it took a significantly positive direction after I attended the LAUNCH conference in 2010. I learned more in that 2-1/2 days than I learned in my 2-1/2 years becoming a Master of Business Administration. Let me say THAT is twitter-speak:

I learned more in my 2.5 days at LAUNCH than I did in my 2.5 years in my MBA program. [tweet this]

Launch teaches you how to build on your assets, flesh out the markets that are open to you, properly price and wager your income, and make significant money in the world of business promotion. I cannot emphasize that conference enough…go to Launch.


Honestly, I didn’t think I needed SCORRE. In fact, I brought my dear wife, Wendy, to SCORRE, because she’s building a platform, too.

I didn’t think I needed it because (how do I say this without sounding haughty?) I trained academic speakers and debaters to compete in speech competitions. Like I said, that’s what I do for a living. And I’m really good at it. My competitors go to national tournaments and win year in and year out. So I was like, don’t tell me how to speak.

So I went with Wendy. And I gotta tell you, it was humility sandwich, because the SCORRE method taught me how to speak much more clearly with the kind of impact that I need to have with my business. Everyone building platforms must be able to speak well; there is no hiding from it. Again, in tweet-speak:

We all need to be speaking well when we build our platforms. There’s no hiding from it. [tweet this]

But here’s the little secret about SCORRE: it teaches you how to think. I approach conversations, business connections, blog writing, publishing, office meetings, and public speaking with the SCORRE method of thinking. Those of you who have been to SCORRE know what I’m talking about. Go, it is exactly what you need to set your platform in motion.

3. Platform

This is my latest conference, attended earlier this month. I have now completed all three conferences, and Platform was arguably the best of the three. Why? Because it brought all three emphases together for me. I’m building a platform, and there are specific steps I need to do to make my platform a success.

I met the neatest people in the world. I honestly believe that! Over 100 attendees came to the Platform Conference eager to learn how to build their businesses, ministries, speaking careers, professional future, etc. Michael Hyatt opened and closed the three days, but he brought in a stellar speaking lineup, each with expertise in building a platform in the 21st century. They were phenomenal.

I have got to tell you, I left with a very serene fulfillment. Today I feel totally equipped to proceed with my dreams and my growing platform. All three conferences were worth every penny and every bit of effort. Here’s a concluding thought:

Life is to short. Start building your platform today. [tweet this]

How to save $100

I’m one of the few who have been to EVERY conference, so Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis have passed on a very generous coupon for my readers. That’s you! Save $100 on any of these conferences.

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I think that’s the best tweet of all:

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One last note: contact me personally with any question you have about any of these conferences. Sometimes it helps to hear from someone not involved personally in the conferences. I’m a big believer in them and would love to share with you what I know.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • i’m signed up for scorre in a few months from now in orlando. i’m stoked. !

    • John, you have no idea how much joy your comment brings to my day. You told me at Platform that you probably wouldn’t need it…just like I said last year! You’re in for an excellent conference.

  • WOW, the trifecta of learning from the masters. Congrats! Now you can put the letters PSL after your name… Platform, Scorre, and Launch.