Three Secrets That Should Not be Secrets

Hang around me long enough and you’ll catch the enthusiasm I have for speech and debate. Those of you who are involved are wrapping up your year, either moving onto nationals or casting your vision for the next year. But there is something that has been bothering me lately: three secrets to this community of speech and debate.

A best-kept secret: the speech and debate community.

A best-kept secret: the speech and debate community.

One of the most common things I hear this time of the year from parents I meet at competitions: I had no idea this existed. They either got involved late in their children’s education or they are just now learning about the organization I run to help train them in speech and debate. I often reply, “Speech and debate is one of the best kept secrets available to a young person’s education.”

But it shouldn’t be a secret! There is no reason to keep this from anyone. I have three thoughts that should encourage you to lift the aura of secrecy and bring people (perhaps you!) into this awesome community.


What a wonderful academic program speech and debate is, and the opportunities our kids have through the program are incredible. I have five competitors this year, and we have traveled across the country this year competing in 23 events—the most my family has ever done. What an incredible year!

You know what? This community is too small. Seriously! Speech and debate students learn to think, speak and persuade, life skills that are paramount to their success. And the world needs kids like this!

Why is this a secret? Everyone should know about the joys and benefits of the forensics community, and I’m not sure why it isn’t more widely known. But I created a solution: my book Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate. It is a short and easy read, but it casts the vision for why you and your family should be involved. My newest edition comes with a free curriculum that makes it easy for any family to get involved.

If you’re thinking about getting involved, get my book. If you’re already involved and wrapping up the school year, I have another secret I need to reveal to you. It has to do with ending your year well.

End Well

The organization I run, Training Minds, is a 501c3 whose goal is to “train minds for action.” We do a great job, if I do say so myself. Our successes are stacked up throughout the year as our students—particularly the ones who attend our camps and buy our curriculum—succeed and excel.

This leads to the second secret-that-shouldn’t-be-a-secret: the Nationals Intensive Training Camp (NITC). We gather all the debaters we can at a disclosed location at the national tournament (see both Stoa NITC and NCFCA NITC) and run drills, scrimmages, and strategies for debate. If you made it to either NITOC or NCFCA Nationals, you’ll definitely want to attend!

This is a unique characteristic of my Training Minds program: we see you through to the end. We don’t have just our summer camps or just our curriculum to sell you. We want you to pull through to total success! If you’ve been blessed with an invitation to your national tournament, then give that opportunity everything you’ve got and go to NITC.

But it doesn’t stop there. There’s a third secret, and it’s the biggest of all.

Ever After

Let me throw some pixie dust on this whole idea of “training minds for action.” There is bigger purpose in speech and debate competition than just filling your parents’ attic with a bunch of plastic trophies. Oh no, there is much, much more.

See, speakers and debaters are learning to love the most important thinking and communication skills available to human beings. I kid you not: just for a moment visit a tournament and you’ll see why I get so excited over this community. We’re raising the sharpest, cleanest, most focused young people in the world. I love that!

But like I said, the vision of this training goes beyond competition. Competitors are trained for a greater calling beyond. They are “training minds for action”—a spiritual concept I gathered from a literal interpretation of 1 Peter 1:13 from the Bible—that “action” being the purpose in life that you were created to fulfill. This is the “ever after” of your Training Minds experience.

And what an incredible opportunity we have this summer at our Point Loma Camp: we have Michael Hyatt as keynote! If you don’t know Michael Hyatt, get to know him. He’s one of the most sought after public speakers in the United States who has taken an interest in what I’m doing with Training Minds. He has personally arranged his intense speaking schedule to come and spend a couple days with us at camp. I can’t wait for you to meet him!

See, Michael is about platform building (the title of his New York Time Bestseller is Platform). He’ll be speaking directly to the group of students in Point Loma, California, teaching on (1) platform building and (2) building a life plan. Mr. Hyatt is an inspiration to me and will be to the students as they “train minds for action” and prepare for the great work ahead of them in life. Wow, for this reason alone you should be a part of our camp!

Aren’t these exciting? I’m so pumped I can hardly stand it.

If you ask me, these are three secrets that should not be secrets. Help me lift the lid on these secrets and grow the community of speakers and debaters. Let this light shine to your family and friends. Get my book for them, sign them up for tournaments, and get them to camp this summer. We all have an exciting future ahead of us!

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