Three Tangible Assets of an Entrepreneur Ninja

A modern entrepreneur has to be somewhat of a “ninja,” a whipper-snapper who’s able to take care of business when it needs to happen:

You and I need to pound out the work, so we need to make these three things priorities in our setup.

  • When an obstacle rears its ugly head, you chop it off.
  • When an opportunity comes about, you are ready to do your fancy moves and take full advantage of it.
  • When a timely project needs your focus, you need a place to retreat to pound out the work.

To get ahead, you need the basic essentials of an entrepreneur ninja. Three assets are very important. In fact, I’d argue that they are so important that they can make or break an entrepreneur’s success. Consider these when you build your business venture.

1. Compute: A Low Maintenance Computer

Don’t buy a piece of junk. Buy something that is easy to fall in love with and is easy to use. I cannot tell you how many times I witness business entrepreneurs pop open their laptops and commence to complain about their computer. Computers are like employees. If they don’t perform, are late to start up, have countless issues – you need to look for a replacement.

This is why I own a MacBook Air, and will likely upgrade soon. My Air is sleek, easy to travel with, and incredibly powerful. I have yet to have it “fixed” like my old PC. I know, these cost a good amount of money, but I have not regretted it one iota. Little is more frustrating for an entrepreneur than a computer that doesn’t work toward his or her needs.

2. Commute: A Hub to Work

This doesn’t need to be a home office. It could be a rental office, a bedroom, a coffee shop. The point is: commute to where you need to be to get the work done. Whether that’s across town or downstairs, it makes little difference. Have a place to retreat, a venue to pound out the work. When you start making money, then you can build a nice office in your house like I did. Sure, my house is filled with happy and loud children who would love to utilize every square inch of real estate for bedrooms or playrooms, but my office has been off-limits.

A hub to work must be a priority. In fact, I’m afraid my office is too open and small for the work I need to hunker down and do. Therefore, I’m flying my dad out from Minnesota in the next couple weeks to help rebuild my hub in my basement, a conscious and deliberate investment to make a really nice hub. I’ll post about that development soon. My point for now is simply this: make sure your hub is well thought out and helpful to your business.

3. Connect: A Reliable Internet Connection

Unless your dream is to sell lemonade at the curb, you will be utilizing the Internet in your entrepreneurial adventure. In fact, to be successful, you have to be an Internet ninja. Broadband will be one of the most important assets to your success. Invest in the broadest connection your wallet can afford.

Like many 21st century entrepreneurs, I work from home. If you live in town, you shouldn’t have an issue. I live out in the country, so it has been somewhat difficult to get a broad connection. My point is this: make your Internet connection a priority in your office setup. I believe I have the best connection I can possibly have where I am located, but if a faster service makes it to my country roads, I’ll be on it.

These may be no-brainers to you, but ask yourself this question: “Have I maximized these three tangible assets?” I find entrepreneurs lacking in these all the time. I find ME lacking, too, which is why I’ll be (1) updating my MacBook, (2) redesigning my home office, and (3) on a faster Internet connection if it comes around.

The picture above is me in Orlando for our latest debate camp. I’m the president of the organization, the boss, the “business coach.” A top priority at camp is to find a place to “set up.” These three tangible assets are always at the top of my list: compute, commute, connect. If the venue lacks in any of these three essentials, I find I’m not nearly as effective as I need to be. It’s a continual development in these three assets that give me the ability to continue doing what I absolutely love to do.

Question: Did I miss an important asset? I’m sure I did. Please share other important assets entrepreneurs need.