Three Unique Outcomes for the For Action Student

Taking a few days off your Christmas vacation may be asking a lot, but I am convinced that there are young people who are going to get a ton out of the For Action Conference January 2-4 in Colorado Springs. Do yourself a favor: seriously consider making this happen. I’ve got good reason to believe it will be a turning point for your life.

You'll come to the conference, but what will you leave with?

You’ll come to the conference, but what will you leave with?

I’m not sure where you’re at in your journey, but if you want to launch into an exciting story that God has for you, this is the conference to attend. The event has many outcomes for its students, but three of them are unique from any conference available for young people. Let me walk through these three outcomes with you. I hope you catch the vision for the For Action Conference and register, maybe even today. Space is limited. 

1. Knowledge

Outcome: Students will leave with foundational knowledge on how to launch their platform into their future.

We’ve got some incredible speakers coming to teach. I didn’t hire them because they were professional speakers. I hired them because they were living examples of what I envisioned as mentors for you, the For Action Student. Each speaker is walking the walk on engaging the world with their God-given gifts and talents. There task is simple: pass on what they know to you. (See our speaker line up here)

Most conferences I’ve been to have their roster of speakers. They come and go, fly in and fly out, and you’re lucky to get the chance to meet them. Not so at the For Action Conference. The speakers are present all weekend long. They’ll be in the audience with you, learning from one another, getting to know you. They have the added responsibility of teaching a session of their own, but they are attendees just like you. Be prepared to glean much helpful knowledge from them.

2. Networking

Outcome: Students will leave with new friendships with other like-minded, enthusiastic young people, serving as a central stronghold for encouragement and connection.

In the professional world, attending conferences is important. The For Action Conference will be intentionally placing attendees in the skill sets they want to learn, and they will be connected to others with those similar skills and ambitions. All attendees are being encouraged to build intentional platforms and set clear goals for their future, and the network of young people engaged in the weekend will be a tight band of brothers and sisters set to encourage one another into their futures.

At most conferences I’ve been to, this is done on a much smaller scale. Exchanging business cards and following up can lead to profitable business deals and new ventures. The For Action Conference is doing more than just making this possible, it’s leveraging the opportunity and making it a central part of its purpose. The intentional networking of the For Action Conference is probably the strongest reason to attend.

3. Momentum

Outcome: Students will leave with momentum to move forward into the future story God has in store for them.

Let’s be honest. The state of the world and economy today is the bleakest it has been in recent history, especially for millennials. Unemployment, dependency, and a general atmosphere of apathy plagues a young adult’s start. How unfortunate, but I’m not settling for it, and neither should you. The For Action Conference is a most honest attempt to pound through our present conundrum with a momentum that will launch the attendee to seemingly impossible heights.

I’ve actually got some big plans to take this network to a new level. There is a 30-day follow up call that a couple of the speakers will be participating in, but I’m even more excited about future For Action Conferences. This will be the first of many, and you’re going to be a part of a new beginning. I have an exponential vision for the For Action Conference that will be a fire of fuel to press you into a future that God has in store for you. That’s momentum, and I can’t wait to see the manifestation of this unique outcome.

If you are a young adult searching for a community of support and encouragement, there isn’t a better opportunity than the For Action Conference. You will leave with the knowledge, networking and momentum you need to launch into life. I’m so excited for you and for your future. I can’t wait to see you in January.

For Action Conference

January 2-4, 2014
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs