TMU #5: The Logical Syllogism

Logic itself isn't very persuasive, but it is how persuaders think.

There is no basic understanding more necessary in understanding logic than the “logical syllogism.” Persuaders need to know this.

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In this week’s lesson, you will learn…

  • The antiquity of logical thinking.
  • How logic makes you internally stronger.
  • Why logic is seldom persuasive alone.
  • A quick review of the three steps to flowing.
  • The Jeub-original definition of “logic” and the logical syllogism.
  • The structure of the syllogism.
  • The 1st of two questions to ask of every syllogism you encounter.
  • Introduction to “confirmation bias” and “non-sequitur” fallacy.

Assignment: Use the extemp worksheet (embedded in the handout) to research media articles and find syllogisms AND any breakdown in their validity.