TMU #10: Cognitive Dissonance

When the truth collides with what you THOUGHT was reality

Cognitive Dissonance is defined as “The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.” It happens commonly and to everyone, but few actually master it.

In this week’s lesson, you will learn…

  • The two places in Plato’s Cave where cognitive dissonance occurs.
  • The definition of cognitive dissonance and how to recognize it everywhere.
  • The four most common reactions of cognitive dissonance: shock, delusion, ridicule and anger.
  • Examples of each of the four reactions.


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  • Mary Lichlyter

    Good morning –

    Look! I can comment without having to go all over the Internet to do it! Yay!

    I liked the way you wrapped up this lesson. I will have to listen a few more times, and think about it some more. Some of it is still unclear in my mind. I don’t know if I want to call that cognitive dissonance or not. So I will call it “needs more research.”

    As a basic form of cognitive dissonance, you could use a hall of mirrors or a mystery novel, right?

    Your example of the CNN clip? It was hard for me not to turn it off before it was done. When people act that way to each other, especially for an audience, I am “persuaded” that they are at worst totally untrustworthy and at best totally rude. is there such a thing as real reporting at all? I guess there is on a local level, with a news reporter covering a fire in the neighborhood. Where does it exist on a national level? What those men were doing could not even be called debate but rather a low-level form of bashing just short of using fists. Who can learn anything from that? (Well, I’m supposed to, I guess.) People who watch that sort of thing all the time – are they being expected just to take sides? Or do they think it’s fun, like professional wresting? Now I’M moving in the direction of ridicule!