TMU #12: Looking Ahead to Semester 2

Moving from "Think" to "Speak" in master persuasion

We’ve enjoyed quite a semester learning about “THINK,” and now we move into Semester 2, “SPEAK.” This upcoming semester will dig deeply into communication strategies that master persuaders employ, adding current events to prove my points.

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  • Justus Carnley

    I got the membership through monument last semester. Is my membership still good, or do I have to put in a different join form, as I got a coupon code.

    • Hi Justus. Yes, you still have access to all Semester 1. The coupon code was sent to all Semester 1 students to type in when they purchase Semester 2. See you in class!

      • Justus Carnley

        Problem is, I tried, and it said that my username already existed, and I could not sign up. Where do I renew my membership?

  • Mary Lichlyter

    Looking forward to this term!