TMU #3: Tactical Empathy

Apply this higher-level persuasion strategy to get your opponent to "break."

Taking our persuasive strategies one step further, today’s technique will solve your opponent’s problem on an emotional level, perhaps to the point of “breaking” into a confession or significant concession.

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In this week’s lesson, you will learn…

  • A quick review of the strategies learned so far.
  • An example situation where “mirroring” will persuade your boss.
  • An example situation where “reversing the burden” will persuade your boss even futher.
  • A final example situation that implements “tactical empathy,” a higher-level persuasive technique that “breaks” your opponent.
  • How playing the “devil’s advocate” is an unfortunate term for a healthy exercise of the mind.

Assignment: Use “tactical empathy” during a conversation this week. Were you able to solve the problem your opponent was having?

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