TMU #9: Plato’s Cave

The most vivid image of Western philosophy has much to teach us about persuasion.

In Plato’s Cave, we see slaves who view shadows on a wall and believe they are seeing reality. They respond violently when they are challenged with the truth. Today’s lesson explores this story and how it relates to persuasion.

In this week’s lesson, you will learn…

  • How persuasion changes your thinking, sometimes more than your opponent.
  • How concepts of reality may sound mystical or “weird,” but they’re really not.
  • How once you understand reality, you’ll see examples of its delusion everywhere.
  • How sometimes persuasion techniques have spiritual undertones.
  • A short history lesson on Socrates and his favored student Plato.
  • The concept of Plato’s cave.
  • The difference between the Enslaved and Enlightened.
  • How to determine whether you are the “enslaved” or “enlightened” in an argument.

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  • Mary Lichlyter

    Hello – Do lessons #8 and #9 not have videos? I’m not seeing them.

    • #8 was a cancelled webinar, so nothing to watch there. It was just a review. #9 is live and well, but you cannot view it without being logged in. Is that, perhaps, the problem?

      • Mary Lichlyter

        I’m still getting the message about my something or other not being supported. I’m hoping you get this e-mail, which I’m doing outside the system, as it were. When I get that message, I can’t seem to do anything. I seem to be logged in, but the technology won’t believe it. I could be doing something wrong – I’m not the brightest star in the sky when it comes to computers. Not too long ago tonight I found the video I needed (the cave one). I’ll see if I can find it again tomorrow. By the way, I had a great time judging the debates a couple of weeks ago. M

        • I’m glad you got in. I’d have to be right next to you to see what the technical issue is, but here’s an idea. If you go “back” to the original page after logging in (meaning, you press the back button), you may need to refresh that page. It may still read you as not logged in.

          We enjoyed having you at the tournament, too! I hope you can make it to more.

          • Mary Lichlyter

            Ha! I’m able to answer. I think I replied to your last statement by e-mail. I just wanted to tell you that I just watched the cave lesson, and I see Mr. Ziglar in your teaching! Not in “shadow,” either.