Training Minds Podcast: Episode 1

I am more excited about today than I have been in a long, long time. I managed to put together the first Training Minds Podcast, and I suspect you’re going to love it.

NITC Coaches

These are some of my coaches. Travis (far left) is the first Training Minds Podcast coach to deliver the first two episodes of content.

Admittedly, this was a big learning curve. I sought the help of friends who knew what they were doing, especially Josh Taylor and Kevin McCreary of the Inner Tube Show (mucho gracias, guys!). The sound quality and editing isn’t the upper echelon of podcast greatness, but the content is what I’m aiming to get out to speakers and debaters nationwide.

Content is king, they say. And that’s what the Training Minds Podcast will be about. The episode touches on this a little, but let me explain for my blogging friends.

I’m not only a blogger on, I’m also the president of Training Minds Ministry. We host camps across the country where I record nearly every session. I also own Monument Publishing, the leading publisher to homeschool speech and debate, where many of our products are CDs and DVDs that are the camp sessions I have gathered over the years.

  • Here’s the opportunity: I have piles of awesome camp content.
  • Here’s the problem: I do not have the time or resources to edit them into CDs or DVDs.
  • Here’s the solution: the Training Minds Podcast, me bringing you weekly content from my camps.

I hope to branch off into other podcast genres than just camp content. Interviews, monologues, discussions, listener questions, etc. are great and will likely be explored, but for now the reality of my life this: I’m sitting on a ton of awesome content, and the Training Minds Podcast is my honest attempt to deliver it to you.

The first two episodes will present to you the closing speech my good friend Travis Herche gave to the Lincoln-Douglas debaters at our Texas Debate Camp in July. It’s a great speech to kick off the podcast because it is speaking directly to competitors (all debaters and speakers, not just LD debaters), explaining why we should be involved in speech and debate. It’s an excellent speech that will definitely move you.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the first show below:

Travis Herche in Texas

Episode 1: Why Speech & Debate?