Two Paths for America: Pro-union or Pro-business

Last night’s debate was awesome. The pundits are declaring Romney the clear winner. We’ll see how the momentum carries in the polls for Romney. For now, allow me to return to wrap up another debate, the one started earlier this week with my pro-union friend, Margie.

You may remember the challenge: provide the BEST reason to vote AGAINST Mitt Romney. Margie was challenged (as explained in Part 1 “Debate Isn’t as Bad as You Think”) to come up with the best reason to vote against Mitt Romney. Yesterday (in Part 2 “Give the ‘Best’ Reason Against Mitt Romney”) she said it was because of the Davis-Bacon Act, but we narrowed that down to unions in general.

Margie’s pro-union, I’m pro-business. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me, that’s just fine. What I love about debate is that we are able to flesh out the issue at hand and get to the truth of the matter. Debaters are trained to cut through campaign slogans and propaganda and take an honest look at what the truth is. In the end, debates bring people to more informed, rational decisions.

As much as I disagree with Margie, she’s right on this one point: her reason given is a reason to vote for one of the two men. But Mitt Romney is the man. Here’s why. 

The Pendulum Has Swung Way too Far

Check out this video [WARNING: naughty language embedded]:

This video was released on Thursday when I was studying what the heck Davis-Bacon was. Undercover journalist James O’Keefe exposed union leaders actually supporting taxpayer-supported projects that did one thing: dig holes and fill them back in. You know, “shovel ready jobs.” You can imagine, unions hate James O’Keefe, perhaps as much as they hate Mitt Romney.

And this isn’t just in New Jersey. Here’s a video that went viral – again on Thursday, when I was looking up Margie’s claims about how the unions were for the working man – that showed the unions paying people $11 to protest a Romney rally. Unions paying people to protest a political candidate. Doesn’t this bother you, Margie? I wonder if such work was considered “shovel ready”?

And keeping Davis-Bacon is helping keep union leaders in control? Margie, no business owner should support such lunacy. Get rid of Davis-Bacon, empower local businesses to expand their workforce, and let’s help get this economy rolling again.

I’m Voting Romney

You’ve read Margie’s lines, and now you read my response. I’m not buying it, and neither should you. Vote Mitt Romney and perhaps this ridiculous racist 80-year-law will be repealed and real jobs will be created.

Here’s the concluding thought I had with Margie:

Thank you for participating, Margie. You were a good sport. Send me your mailing address; I’d love to give you a free Jeub Family resource. Take your pick and I’ll send it your way.

Question: How did you think the debates went last night?

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  • DavidS

    Chris –

    You’ve made the assertion that unions are corrupt, and have given a few examples where that is the case.

    However, instances of a few corrupt union leaders can’t make the case that unions are intrinsically corrupt. The examples only prove that some union leaders may be corrupt.

    I can give examples of corrupt church leaders, but that doesn’t mean that all churches are automatically corrupt, right? The same could be said for certain businesses, or government agencies, etc.

    I’m left asking the following question regarding your assertions:
    “What is it about labor unions that causes them to tend towards corruption?”

    In my mind, answering this question with a solid, rational argument makes your point, regardless of the amount of video proof available. Otherwise, your case has not been made.

    ps. My postion is of indifference towards unions (and businesses). All government restrictions or support should be removed and unions should be allowed to stand or fall based on the free, uncoerced decisions of the “working” men and women they claim to represent.

  • margie

    You Missed, actually it blew past you..Pro Union – Pro Business, what limited ability would proclaim it is either or? You can speak for yourself, however, attempting to publish words as if they were my own, violates all netiquette. I never said I was Pro Union, what I said specifically was that I rather strongly believe in a fair wage. Does one negate the other?

    • RickStevens

      Margie, there are certain choices in life that cannot be “both-and” choices. They HAVE to be “either-or”. Logic does not permit someone to be both pro-union (which is what Davis-Bacon ultimately conforms into) and pro-business. Davis-Bacon does not require a “fair wage”, it requires a “prevailing wage”. That prevailing wage is determined by local union laborers, thus you cannot make the argument about the law based on something that is not included in the law. In fact, the word “fair” does not appear ANYWHERE in the law ( Thus, you have taken a stand on something that isn’t even part of the law as the entire basis for your argument against voting for a man to be the representative leader of this country.