Two Shootings

I worked all day yesterday in my office, checking the headlines every 30 minutes or so to read the latest news from Connecticut. Like you, I was eager to hear the details. How many died? My God, 5 and 6 year olds? Who did it? Why?

At the bedsideNBC did a wonderful interview yesterday of an alumni of my ministry Training Minds, Petra Anderson, who was shot in the face in the Aurora theater at The Dark Knight Rises movie. Watch the movie above; it’s excellent and comforting.

It is filled with hope and sorrow. I cried when I saw the picture of her playing violin at her mother’s bedside. Kim was a friend of mine, one of my company’s authors, and I was reminded she is not with us.

My wife was out Christmas shopping much of the afternoon yesterday with our children. She got home and came down to My Sweet Home Office Suite and we talked of the news. She started crying. “We have 5 and 6 year olds. Those children were the same age as our children.” 

Sorrow is a deep place to be. Our prayers go out to those who are suffering the loss of their children. We are mourning with you.

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  • Kath

    While talking about the massacre of 20 kids, you include a link to your free ebook? I know life must go on, but that seems a bit inappropriate.

    • Michelle

      I agree

    • That’s a low-blow, Kath. I have links all over this page.