Two-thousand Pages, at Least

I submitted 1,254 pages of material to my printer in Oklahoma over the weekend. I’ll have about as much by the end of the week. This is my yearly routine, my family business, and it all ends up benefiting you in two significant ways.


I started this ball rolling in 1998 when I published my first debate sourcebook from my home office in Northern Minnesota. It was a 20-page collection of articles aimed at helping team-policy debaters in the HSLDA debate league. It was literally printed off my home computer and stapled together, and I sold it for $10 to a total of 50 families around the nation. There weren’t many more families than that involved back then, so I guess you could say I captured most the market.

My oh my, the ball has grown to include more pages, more books, more competitive categories, and more leagues. There are speech, debate, parli and wildcard events that thousands compete in. My publishing company has grown to five sourcebook, seven textbooks, six curricula sets and various tournaments supplies like flowsheets and timepieces.

The yearly cycle has become a routine for my family and me. The leagues come out with their new rules and debate resolutions, and we get to work to publish resources to assist the membership of those leagues. This routine has grown quite a team over the years.

My Yearly Team

Of course, I’m not writing the thousands of pages of content myself. I’m just the publisher. I solicit the top coaches and former students in the country, many of them national title winners. I have quite an impressive team of coaches and authors. (Click here for an updated list.)

This team of authors dedicate a chunk of their summers to contribute to the next phase of young competitors. They research and write debate cases, write articles and lesson plans, and share their competitive expertise. The sourcebook content and curriculum are distributed nationwide to eager competitors for the following year.

Approximately 50 authors are involved. Not bad, considering we’re just a simple family in Colorado pulling everyone together. I work from my basement office, outsource virtually everything, and contract everyone. I love every minute of my crazy-busy 80-hour work week this time of year.

My Yearly Deal (for you)

It takes quite a bit to run this operation. Growth is good, but the overhead costs have been daunting at times. Nevertheless, I took a gamble this year to help bring tremendous value to you in two significant ways.

First, I dropped all our prices. Quite significantly, actually. The bread-and-butter of our operation are our sourcebooks (pictured above) and I made a sweeping change to a flat $30 for each. Compared to last year’s prices:

  • Blue Book • Regular 2012 price $79.95 • Summer 2013 $30
  • Red Book • Regular 2012 price $49.95 • Summer 2013 $30
  • Gold Book • Regular 2012 price $39.95 • Summer 2013 $30
  • Silver Book • Regular 2012 price $79.95 • Summer 2013 $30
  • Bronze Book • Regular 2012 price $79.95 • Summer 2013 $30

Second, I dropped all extension resources by 20%. When you purchase the sourcebook, you are asked if you would like to add additional resources for 20% off. Textbooks, curriculum, flowsheets, timepieces, and other resources are all 20% off when the already-marked-down sourcebooks are ordered.

This adds up to be a huge savings for you. I’m betting on a growing market and expanded camps to make this all affordable, so please make your order today. The books are in the proofing process right now, and we’re on track for our July 31 release date. Get your books queued up.

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