Two Valuable Ways to Connect at NITOC

I'm manning two booths this week, both valuable to you.

I’ll be at the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC) May 19-23, and I very much want to connect with you from two perspectives, one obvious and the other not-so-obvious. I promise: our connecting will be extremely valuable to you.


Let’s connect at NITOC!

NITOC is an eight-day Stoa tournament of homeschool speakers and debaters, the best of the best gathering at a planned location for the final tournament of the season. This year we’re meeting at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. If you’re in the area, you should sign up to judge.

For the first time in 15 years of homeschool speech and debate, the Jeub kids aren’t competing. However, I’m still extremely vested in the Stoa league, and if you’re going to be at NITOC this year, I want to make it worth your while to connect.

MonuPub_logo_C_Stack (1)Monument Publishing (obviously)

You likely know that I am the owner of Monument Publishing, a publisher devoted to creating the best resources possible for homeschool speakers and debaters. We’ll have a booth set up on Tuesday through Saturday at NITOC for you to browse our resources.

Here’s the the value for you: All pre-orders of our sourcebooks will receive FREE shipping plus a FREE item off our table for completing their order at NITOC. More so, all orders are 20% off! So, coaches and debaters and speakers who want to get their order in the queue for next year, there is no better time than at Stoa NITOC to make it happen.

Click here to download the order form that will be at my NITOC table.

If you’re not going to NITOC, don’t worry too much. You are still able to get 20% off your preorder at (expires June 20). We’ll get your sourcebook in the queue and you’ll be the first to receive your materials after its initial release August 1.

The next way to connect will be somewhat of a surprise for you. The second booth I’ll be running will be…

IEW logoThe Institute for Excellence in Writing (surprise!)

My friend Andrew Pudewa has been a huge supporter of homeschool speech and debate for years. You’ll be interested to know that all the printing of Monument Publishing sourcebooks come from Andrew’s warehouse in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. I’ve been contracting with him to print and ship all the resources from Monument Publishing for the past two seasons.

The Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) is an institute created around a specific methodology for teaching writing called Structure and Style. I’ve been an English teacher since 1993 and I dare say that I have never witnessed a more thorough and effective method for teaching writing than Structure and Style. I have been so impressed with IEW that I became certified last year and am now one of their Educational Consultants.

I guess you can say the tables have turned a bit. Literally! Our tables will be right next to each other at NITOC. There is so much overlap between Structure and Style and the work of speech and debate that it makes total sense to be a supporter of Stoa. I’ll be posting more about the relationship between all of these organizations in the future. But for now, I can’t wait to see you at NITOC.

Just as there is for Monument Publishing, there is a financial benefit of stopping by the IEW table. If you “join” the Facebook Event at IEW and stop in to our table, we will give you a Portable Wall. These are awesome tools students use for writing (a $7 value). All you need to do is connect with me this week. No strings attached at all!

All this to say, SEE YOU AT NITOC! To recap, there are two ways to make this financially favorable:

  1. Preorder your materials and get a FREE item…any item off our table. This is while supplies last, of course. I’ll be there personally to answer any questions you may have about how valuable any of our resources will be for you.
  2. “Join” the Facebook Event at IEW and get a free Portable Wall at the IEW able. These are $7 items that can be used in your homeschool.

Can you tell I’m excited? I hope you are, too. See you this week in Greenville!