Uncertain? Get the Free Samples

Together, all seven Monument Publishing Sourcebooks tackle the new and vital information for competitors, but many homeschoolers are uncertain what events to participate. That’s why we have samples, and they’re intentional, valuable, and (best of all) FREE.


First of all, these samples are intentional — meaning, they help guide you in the direction you should go. Each sample has the table of contents for the larger book. Simply eyeballing the topics the editors arranged is helpful for speakers and debaters.

Secondly, the samples are valuable. The cases for the debate sourcebooks sell for $10 each outside of the sourcebook. The speech resources, too, can be used right off the bat with extemp, apologetics, and speech. These downloads will definitely help you, whether or not you intend to buy the main book.

Finally, these downloads are 100% free. No purchase necessary. You get a taste of the larger sourcebooks with your download. So even if you aren’t quite sure what events you’ll be participating, you can still download the free samples for your competitive preparation.

So what are you waiting for? Get your free downloads today:


Blue Book Sample – NCFCA Edition
Blue Book Sample – Stoa Edition
Red Book Sample – NCFCA Edition
Red Book Sample – Stoa Edition
Gold Book Sample
Silver Book Sample
Bronze Book Sample