Unconditional Love

Two of my high school friends, Bob and Jodi, married right out of high school. I have kept up with them for 25 years with Christmas cards and such. Though we have only gotten together a few times since our college years, I love these two so much I can hardly stand it. They have taught me a lot about how to love others.

Bob and Jodi

The thing I’ve admired in Bob and Jodi is their unconditional love they have for others. They are decked out Harley Davidson enthusiasts, tattoos and leather and the works, and they’re never without a smile on their face. They’re so full of jovial and happy love that it sometimes makes me want to throw up, but it’s why I love them so much!

This is a love that I haven’t had a good track record with. It’s hard to explain, but let me try. I have this subtle critical judgment that swells up in me, sometimes at the worst of times. It walls me up from others, casts shadows in my life where there should be light. Rather than bountiful loving relationships, there is discord and depression.

To some extent, we all struggle with this. I’ve gotten a lot better over the years, and it’s people like Bob and Jodi who have helped me. They don’t seem to struggle with this and I admire that. They have helped me pound through that blockade with the power of LOVE. There’s just no room for judgment when love is in the house.

Does this make sense? Love one another; that’s what we should do. Love love love till it makes you sick, then love more. That’s what will bring joy into the lives of others and will overflow into the world around them. Love has been called “the most excellent way,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Love is the most excellent way. [tweet this]

And that may take letting go of petty judgments. Does someone come to mind that you’ve been knotted up about? You shouldn’t carry the burden of judgment about that person, you should just love. If you want to feel exhilarating freedom from that anguish of spite, you’ve got to start loving again.

I’ve gone on long, thanks for bearing with me. When I think of my friendship with Bob and Jodi, I think of unconditional love, and that’s what will light up the world.


By the way, Bob is a manager of the Apols Harley Davidson Store in Alexandria, MN. I visited his store and REALLY WANTED to take one of these home with me…

Apols Motor Cycles

Do you think Wendy would have minded if I came home with one of these?

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  • Steve Decker

    If your wife would have been ok with it you’d probably own it now, wouldn’t you? I like your portrayal of your friends and their strengths. Love sees the best and believes the best about those we love. Thanks

    • Ha! You may have pegged it correctly, Steve. Honestly, I have other ambitions than a motor cycle right now, but I dream about them often. Whenever Wendy and I see some old couple on a cycle together, I perk up and say, “That’s me and you someday, honey!”

  • Yeah, had to work on that one many a time. Good reminder. I think you look pretty cool on that bike, lol. 😉

    • No, no, no, Andrea. I look REALLY cool on that bike. 😉