Using Forum Content to Create Blog Posts

Here’s an idea that I use now and then, one that keeps blog content flowing from my fingers day after day. I thought I’d share it on the forum here as this group may find it interesting. Convert forum content into a blog post. Here’s how I did this last week.

Desk Shot

I belong to a forum of professional platform builders called Platform University. One of the moderators asked how everyone used Evernote. I responded with my explanation of how the debate club I coach uses Evernote for extemporaneous speaking, an event that most of them compete at tournaments. The short of it: electronic extemp is a new challenge for clubs in the league we compete in, and while other clubs clunk along with word processing systems, my club is soaring with Evernote.

I was proud of my response. I answered the moderator’s question with something unique and interesting. But I didn’t stop there. I wanted the writing to be used beyond the closed group. So I touched it up a little and ran a blog post on Perhaps you read it last week: “Evernote and Electronic Extemp.

Of course, I wouldn’t take content from another without their permission, but my forum content is fair game. So is yours. Your intellectual property goes with you no matter where you post. Just a little editing to adapt to different audiences and VIOLA! new blog content.

Do you have blog posting ideas? I’d love to hear them.