Valentine’s Day Rock

Happy 2015 Valentine’s Day! Check out these pictures Wendy and I took on a hike yesterday. I’d like to share with you where our hearts are at the moment. I hope it touches yours.

Our "heart rock," discovered in Pike National Forest 2015.

Our “heart rock,” discovered in Pike National Forest 2015.

Wendy and I celebrate our birthdays at the same time of the year, hers a week before on February 6, mine on the 13th. The day before Valentine’s Day. We often celebrate by getting away for something special, this year an afternoon hike into the Pike National Forest, the forest’s border only a couple miles from our home.

Allow me to be a bit personal with you. Wendy and I are having to sort a lot of issues out. For the past few months, we have taken several hikes into the mountains. We pack a picnic snack, find a nice place to lay out a blanket, and enjoy the majestic time together. Our conversations and prayers have been incredibly fruitful.

Our hearts have been in a very tender and vulnerable place. We have had several deep cries at the top of the mountain peaks around our home this winter. I honestly believe God is in nature more than us stiff-necked humans give credit. The mountains call us, and we regret not answering the call — or being able to — more often.

Being the day before Valentine’s Day, we gave ourselves a bit more time. We ventured off the already-hardly-beaten trail and cleared a small peak on the backside of Mt. Herman, the signature mountain in our small Colorado town of Monument. It seems like every rock has its own character.

Our hearts were an interesting mix of glee and glum, but then we found the Heart Rock. It was hidden away from the main trail — a unique discovery that we could have easily walked by. We stopped and had a good laugh. “Look! It’s our Valentine’s Day rock!”

I suppose there are a million metaphors we could have drawn from this discovery. Are we hardened? Are we hiding our true hearts? Is God showing us something wrong that we should take notice?

Here’s what I think. God wanted to show us that he’s got our hearts on his mind.

It wasn’t a harsh or hard or hindering sign. It was playful. Millennia ago, God dropped this heart-shaped rock in the middle of a million-acre forest, and he probably knew two young lovers would walk by it in 2015 on a Valentine’s Day walk. It is a massive boulder to us, but to him it was a tiny dab from his creative brush. I can see him smiling when he tucked this boulder into the side of this mountain.

That’s just like God. He’s got this life figured out. Our hearts need not be troubled.

The backside of Mt. Herman near Monument, Colorado.

The backside of Mt. Herman near Monument, Colorado.

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Rock

  1. God is in every detail of creation and our lives. He is so awesome! I pray that just like the stones of remembrance that Joshua and the israelites laid and looked back on, that in the months ahead your heart shaped stone will be a reminder how God has led you and brought you through. God bless you guys xx

  2. I agree with you about nature, Chris. It is the creation that draws us to the Creator.
    I’m sorry for your trials. Truly. But encouraged that you and Wendy and God are walking through them together. The story is not over.

  3. It’s cute how you referred to yourselves as “young lovers.” I have spent a great deal of time thinking about you and Wendy and your family recently. I cannot imagine the weight of heaviness you must bear. I sincerely hope you are able to turn things around for the future of your family. My heart goes out to you all.

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