Value of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is extremely valuable. But how many of you have a book “idea” but haven’t written the first chapter yet? Or song lyrics, but haven’t recorded it? Or a journal of poetry, but haven’t done anything with it? You’re overlooking the value of going to market with your intellect, and you’re missing a reality:

Intellectual property grows exponentially. There is no better income stream. [Tweet this.]

Take books, for example. Once a book is written, it’s ready to sell. Printing and selling is another beast in itself, but the intellectual property part is over. What does the writer do next? He or she starts the next writing project.

The next year, the author doesn’t just release another book. The author releases another book while enjoying the royalties from the previous year’s book. The next year the author has two royalty streams plus a third book. And so on.

So if intellectual property grows exponentially, why aren’t you writing/recording/painting your next project?