Video Explaining Speech & Debate Sourcebooks

I made this video to explain two important inquiries I get often about the sourcebooks I put out: (1) what’s the big deal this year? and (2) what are the differences between the five sourcebooks?

Watch the video for the answers, but there is a timely bit of information that is NOT in the video: FREE SHIPPING THROUGH AUGUST 31! This week is the last week of the summer, and free shipping will go away. So order your sourcebook today!

First question: what’s the big deal this year? As the video explains, we have three upgrades to our sourcebooks:

  1. Heavy Duty Covers. The sourcebooks are meant to be used day-in and day-out. Frankly, I got sick of seeing torn up cardstock covers on our old sourcebooks. No more: these are heavy duty, glossy color covers meant to withstand the wear and tear debaters put them through.
  2. October Addenda. We used to stop writing the sourcebooks when they were published. Not this year. The books were released August 31, but the writers (there are about 50 of them!) are still writing cases, briefs, articles and speeches for these sourcebooks. All this content will cap off the sourcebook editing come October 1 for registered sourcebook owners.
  3. Foundational Learning. All our sourcebooks come with foundational chapters written by coaches and title winners to explain the fundamentals of each event. This will be extremely helpful for new competitors.

Second question: what are the differences between the sourcebooks? We have five different sourcebooks, two of which are split between the two leagues, NCFCA and Stoa. Click on the following for complete explanations of each, along with videos that thumb through the books for you:

BLUE – Team-Policy Debate

RED – Lincoln-Douglas Debate

GOLD – Extemp

SILVER – Apologetics

BRONZE – Interp & Platforms

I hope this helps pull things together for you as you prepare for the upcoming speech and debate season. See you soon at some tournaments!

And to watch the video on youtube, click the image: