Making “impact” wins debate rounds, and in the world of diplomacy it influences great world events. One of my camp alumni from 2009 is having lasting impact in Singapore.

May I make a prediction? Human rights will be a central negotiating piece to the coming US/North Korea negotiations and ultimately improve within North Korea. With debaters like Olivia Enos pressing for healthy policy, the negotiators will be empowered to make an impact.

To find our more about what Olivia is doing at the Heritage Foundation, check out here webpage here.

In case you missed the tit-for-tat last week about Sen. Warren’s attempt to impugn adversaries as racists, this video should explain its importance.

“We are becoming a country incapable of having debates anymore.” —Marco Rubio

Please share this…even watch it with your children.

My son Micah won the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions last month in Humorous Interpretation. This video is of the final round, taken by Michele Geesaman off her iPad.

Noah seems to be the perfect opportunity to show the Bible as much deeper than the childish Sunday-school interpretations that are thrown at us as “biblical.” I’m looking forward to this.

This video has it all. The Taylors are ingenious satirists, absolutely brilliant. My favorite line, “Everything is really just black and white, I guess. Man, this world is really uncomplicated. I’m a good guy!”

Now this is how the arguments for life will persuade people to the pro-life position. Notice how Lila shapes every attempt to marginalize her position back to the more convincing, compassionate respect for human life. While the president of NARAL made only arguments that her pro-choice community would accept, Lila made appeals that only the coarsest person would deny.

Watch for yourself. I believe this is perhaps the most convincing pro-life debate I’ve ever seen.