Noah seems to be the perfect opportunity to show the Bible as much deeper than the childish Sunday-school interpretations that are thrown at us as “biblical.” I’m looking forward to this.

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  • Alice Hendon

    Chris, kali and I saw Noah last night at an early showing. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on the movie. We did not find it to be particularly Biblical, and left the theatre confused and hoping that non-Christians didn’t watch the movie and think this was truly how it all happened. I knew they were going to take some liberties but I was baffled with the way they went with it. I’ll look forward to reading what you think of Noah.

    • Interesting to hear. I haven’t seen it yet. I was tempted to go to a late show last night, but I was holding the fort for Wendy to judge a debate tournament in Denver. I probably won’t watch it till Sunday, unfortunately.

  • Sheila Schrauben

    I’m with Alice Hendon. My husband and I saw “Noah” yesterday and were very disappointed. We told our oldest boys to save their money to go see the new “Captain America” movie this weekend instead. 🙂