Virtual Assistant

Thank you for your interest in becoming my Virtual Assistant. It is a unique set of duties that I hope you will be able to fit into. My hope is to find the right fit for this position by early April 2014.

I am looking for an assistant who will help me continue the good work I'm called to do.

I am looking for an assistant who will help me continue the good work I’m called to do.

This page briefly explains the needs that I have, then asks you to fill out a form that tells me a little bit about you.

  1. Who I Am. I run three entities: one business, one nonprofit, and one ambition. Monument Publishing produces all my speech and debate supplies as well as my family’s books. Training Minds Ministry, of which I’m the president, runs debate camps all over the country. My wife and I run and speak at homeschool conferences on the topics of family and love. Please take the time to click through these links and have a look around. It will give you a fair idea of the kind of life I live.
  2. What I Did Last Year. Last year was an awesome year of unloading tons of tasks that made my life much less burdensome. Most of what I do now, fortunately, is virtual. I partnered with a homeschool distributor from Oklahoma and now all my resources through Monument Publishing are shipped from there. I did hire a customer service representative who, unfortunately, resigned after having her first baby.
  3. What I Need Today. I want to expand the CSR position to be more of a personal virtual assistant. Customer service will be a big part of the work, but also communicating with customers/authors/donors, some financial processes, purchasing, camp registration management, handling donor letters, managing webpages and social media, launching marketing tasks, etc. Our busy season gets rolling mid-June and wraps up in time for the school season. I am projecting 20 hours per week through the summer, 5 hours a week the rest of the year.

I am very much looking forward to finding someone who is a quick learner and a charismatic, joyful individual. I hope this can be a position that will last a good few years and perhaps into more roles as the businesses grow. I’m doing many good works and will appreciate your help in bringing more fruit to my labors.

Update from Facebook 3/21/14:

I got a lot of great responses and would like to have more. Let me get more specific: I believe this position is perfect for someone who graduated (or will graduate) from the speech and debate world, has valued TMM/MP resources and events in the past, and would like to give back to the community in his/her young adult life. This person must have great communication skills and a fair amount of internet savvy in order to connect with the world virtually. A college student with these traits seems to fit the mold perfectly, but I do need a level of professionalism that a more professional VA could offer (I’m thinking someone who fits both backgrounds somehow). I’ve received some really impressive interest so far and haven’t started calling people back yet, so now is the time to let me know your interest. I’m dedicated to finding the “perfect” candidate.