Want to Give BIG?

I sent out our end-of-the-year donation letter this morning. I’m president of Training Minds Ministry, a 501c3 nonprofit ministry set on “training minds for action” as mandated in 1 Peter 1:13. I really should be more focused on gaining underwriting support. Trouble is, I’m working so hard on the good work we do that I find little time to fund raise.

I've got some specific projects you could be a part of.

I’ve got some specific projects you could be a part of.

My letter will reach nearly 5000 people on my mailing list. Perhaps you’re one of them (if you’re not, click here to read it). This list is a modest list of people who have ordered curriculum, attended camps, or supported students in the past. It’s not a huge, bloated list of wealthy supporters, but the ministry will likely gain some support to help underwrite the work that I am doing with my coaches.

But you’re a subscriber to my personal blog, so I’d like to get a little more personal with you. I have five irons in the fire — you may already be aware of some of them — and as we approach the end of 2013, I want to appeal to you to be directly involved.

Here is a bulleted list of the good work we’ve got moving along:

  1. Individual Support. In the past twelve years of creating events to “train minds for action,” we have raised over $40,000 that has gone directly to underwrite individual students. I’d like to see this support grow in 2014.
  2. For Action Conference. I’ve been posting like crazy on this, probably the most exciting thing we’ve got going right now. I want to host three conferences in the next year, but this first one will help set the stage. Being that this is targeted toward millennials, I will very much be depending on supporters to help train minds for action.
  3. Training Minds Camps. I have two camps already set, but I’d like to get two more set up. I’m always wrestling with a balance: provide the best coaching possible at an affordable price. End-of-year donations typically set up my pricing strategy for the year.
  4. Training Minds University. (I don’t yet have a link for this, it is so new.) I haven’t posted much about this project, but I have a volunteer programmer diligently working to bring an online community together that will help serve speakers and debaters. We had wanted to launch this project last summer, but the launch date keeps being kicked down the road. I’d love to have the resources to dedicate more time to making this launch, but the funds are not yet available.
  5. Training Minds Binders. (I don’t have a link for this yet, either.) This is a project in development right now, set to launch in time for the 2014-2015 school year. Students will be able to set themselves up with a clear plan for competitive success, all easily managed from a 3-ring binder. This product is being tested at my club in Monument, Colorado, and I have big plans in making this a staple for competitors in 2014.

Would you like to help support these efforts? Like I said, I’ll get a handful of donations from good people who want to give back to the ministry that has helped their kids, but I am looking for significant underwriters who will partner with me personally to support significant projects. At the end of the ministry’s donation letter, I said the following:

Would you like to get involved in a really big way? We have projects in the queue, just waiting for the right underwriter with a big heart.

If you would like to donate a significant amount dedicated to a specific project, feel free to contact me directly. I love working with other enthusiastic givers who believe in training minds for action.

In fact, direct giving has helped several students get to camp who ordinarily couldn’t afford it, and has helped us launch several camps — as well as the For Action Conference coming up in January. I’m always available to partner with donors to help train minds for action.

Do you consider yourself a big supporter? Let’s connect, then. We’ve got some good work to do in 2014, and together we’re going to fulfill the scriptural mandate to train minds for action.

God bless your 2014!