Wanted: Virtual Assistant

Last year was an awesome year for the work that I do. I streamlined a number of business processes and set up my professional platform to make things much more doable and profitable. There is one soft spot that I very much want to develop in 2014, and perhaps you can help me.

I've got a lot of great work going on, and you may be a great help to that.

I’ve got a lot of great work going on, and you may be a great help to that.

The soft spot is what is becoming a popular fad for platform builders like me: virtual assistants. My friend Michael Hyatt speaks to this quite a bit and I even bought and read his very helpful book, The Virtual Assistant Solution (available on Amazon for only $2.99). I get it: I need someone who will take care of my most remedial tasks. As the subtitle suggests, I need to come up for air, offload the work I hate, and do what I do best. 

Hyatt offers some great ideas, probably his best being contracting through a VA firm. That may be in my future, but I’m running into a few problems with this solution.

  1. My niche business. My “bread and butter” is homeschool speakers and debaters. I need someone who knows this market.
  2. My diversified business. I not only sell products to these audiences, I am working to broaden that audience to serve a greater group of people. I need someone who has the vision for growing into newer markets.
  3. My seasonal business. Know that the majority of my work is stacked up in the summer, but I still need minimal work throughout the rest of the year. I need someone who desires the inconsistency of seasonal work.

I’m not convinced that a VA is something I need; I feel like I need someone a bit more cozy to the community I’m engaged in. So I’m putting it out there that I need a Virtual Assistant, someone who could contract with me personally.

This is an official request that you or someone you know may want to consider. Here goes:


A bright adult familiar with the homeschooling and forensics communities who can begin virtual work of five hours per week, graduate to seasonal work through the summer of 20 hours per week, and be able and willing to go back to five hours per week throughout the rest of the school year.

I prefer someone who desires to create his or her own platform of serving others and is willing to be a subcontractor for Training Minds Ministry, Monument Publishing, and Chris and Wendy Jeub personally.

A college student fresh out of the speech and debate world is ideal, but this position could also include a homeschool parent looking to dedicate time into the communities I serve.

Duties require a fair-to-advanced understanding of professional communications, customer service, website management, online marketing, and event registration. Being versed in homeschooling, speech and debate, family living, and Christian subcultures are helpful.

Training will be provided through the March-May months, hours to increase through the summer months, and then return to minimal work at the start of the school year.

What do you think? Are you the one for this kind of work? Fill out the form on this page to get the ball rolling. If you know of someone who you think would fit the bill, email this post to him or her. I’d like to get someone into position by mid-April, a good two months before things get crazy busy in my summer rush.

Thank you!

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  • Anjanette

    Hiring a VA is a great choice. I have one even for my little blog because a friend needed work and I wanted to see if I could benefit from doing away with some of the tasks that distract (plague) me. My trafficked doubled almost instantly! I had really been putting some important things off for too long. Anyhow, I’m not who you are looking for, but I am part of a great like-minded Christian blogging community and I will pass the word along. 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Anjanette. I am excited about taking this next step.