We Are Going to Be Fine

My family and I are going to be fine. The election last night will not change my family’s beating heart. I have a brilliant wife and a house full of beautiful children that will plow through the toughest of situations. Four more years of the same is going to be tough to wade through, but the Jeubs will pull through, maybe even prosper.

On finances. Don’t worry about me and my 14 children. I will continue to earn my own way. I may be dangerously close to the poverty line, but I earn every single penny of my income. I love that, and I wish others – especially the poor in spirit – would know the joy of self-reliance and financial independence. Instead, the food lines will grow with the government dole. The great gifts that individuals have to offer society will be traded for welfare checks.

On business. Come to think of it, the demand for trained minds went up last night. My business and nonprofit will grow, maybe even prosper. My accountant let me know that I’ll be paying an additional $4,000 in 2013, but I’ll make up for it by charging more or cutting expenses elsewhere. Some of my more financially risky ideas will have to go. That’s business. My customers will suffer, and that is disappointing – for the both of us.

On generosity. I refuse to let go of generosity. I can’t help it. I love giving personally to those in need – both monetarily and otherwise. Government will continue to grow along with the so-called compassion of dependency. So in dollars-and-cents, my giving will pale in comparison to the massive federal government, but I will still find joy in generosity. That’s just what Wendy and I do.

On life. My family will continue to value life. We will welcome children and will grow our household with Love in the House. Supreme Court Justices will embolden pro-abortion law and keep the murder of innocents unrestricted and legal for at least another generation. My country will continue to value childlessness and lifelessness. Not in my family. The lives of our children – unborn included – will be protected.

Chris Jeub and his family will be fine. I am sad for others.

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  • Sheila (UK)

    You WILL be fine Chris as will all of us who place our trust in Jesus.
    This world is not our home, we are just passing through.
    Keep the faith, do what’s right and God will sustain you and your family through any tough times ahead.

    • Thanks Sheila. You’re absolutely right!

  • Hey Chris, I’ve been squirreling away Amazon gift cards and I saw your book on Amazon (I do not currently own it.) If I purchase it new directly through Amazon, will they take a big cut of your profit? With #9 on the way, I’d love to read it.

  • I believe that if anyone can survive the next 4 years it will be you and your family. You have too much heart and soul not to. I have never met anyone who has such a wonderfully determined spirit to succeed as you have. 🙂

  • Bea76

    Working together – republicans, democrats, independents, etc – we have the power to do amazing things. While I voted Obama I truly hope that everyone will work together to solve the problems we are facing as a nation. Everyone will have to give a little but its the only way. I hope that the President, Congress, and Senate realize this and will work together.

    I do have to say that, as many are saying, the Republican party needs to re-invent itself and that really excites me. I think it will bring a new level of candidates to the field and re-energize a lot of people. I honestly can’t wait.

  • My wife keeps reminding me, Obama may be President but Christ is King!

  • praying through the times with you, chris. i just feel devastated. i can’t believe how things turned out. i feel abused, violated, led astray, any number of other things, by not only our leaders, but mainly by all the people who didn’t go out to vote and help make this change our country so desperately needed. where were they! we needed them and they let us down. i guess i’m feeling let-down by humanity. they moaned and complained on facebook and twitter for months. where were they when it counted? i appreciate your words in this post. i still need to get to this point. i’m really having a hard time with it. and yes, i know God is still in control and i need to place my trust in Him. i know that, and get it. it’s just really hard to do right now. so i am thankful for the words in your post. i think i’ll go read them again and look at all those precious angels’ faces.

  • TSO

    Mr. Jeub,

    You said this: “. I will continue to earn my own way. I may be dangerously close to the poverty
    line, but I earn every single penny of my income. I love that, and I
    wish others – especially the poor in spirit – would know the joy of self-reliance and financial independence.”

    I hope you realize to be “poor in spirit” is a wonderful trait. In your comment though you seem to regard it as a bad thing. As the first Beatitude, I’m constantly reminding my students that Jesus begins with “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit….” So the good Lord is letting us know that this trait, along with the others that are mentioned in his Sermon are how we should live as Christians. Being poor in spirit means to not be materialistic and to submit to God’s will – it doesn’t mean literally to be poor in spirit or to not be a spiritual person. Just the opposite! Someone who is “poor in spirit” can be extremely wealthy, extremely poor or somewhere in between. Those who are understand how money or other material things have a place in our lives, but that God, family and country come first. Those who are in poverty may never rise out of poverty, but they are hard workers and understand that as long as they have faith in God and are submissive to his will, all will be okay.

    To be blessed is to be happy, and being poor in spirit is just one of the wonderful teachings of the Christ to help us lead happy fulfilling lives that will lead us to our salvation one day.

    In Christ,

    • Very good insight. Thoughtful and wise. Thanks!