What Training Minds Does

I just returned from an awesome week traveling to Oklahoma and Florida for two of the best camps my coaches and I have experienced. The picture above is the one in Orlando. Check out my Facebook profile for some better pics.

Orlando Debate Camp, the last of our four camps this year.

Orlando Debate Camp, the last of our four camps this year.

I’ve heard people complain about working with teens, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There is such life in these young people! And the specific organization of Training Minds – if you don’t know much about it – does so many things for the kids, things like… 

  • Training Minds provides personal coaching for competition.
  • Training Minds builds speaking confidence and thinking skills.
  • Training Minds hosts meaningful camps for a significant youth experience.
  • Training Minds advocates truth in all their thinking and debating.
  • Training Minds teaches the most successful and ethical ways of debating.
  • Training Minds builds families and promotes the parent-lead leagues.
  • Training Minds supports graduates as they develop their skills beyond competition.

Keep in touch with Training Minds by liking its Facebook Page. I’m the president of the organization, so subscribing to my site would be a good idea, too. The coaches and I have some exciting things coming up in the future, and you will – whether you’re a competitor or someone who would like to support one – want to keep in touch.