Why I’m Giving the Curriculum for Free

I made a financial yet calculated risk, and I want to share it with you. I spent a great deal of time updating my latest book Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate by creating an accompanying curriculum. At only $20 a pop, I suspected to sell a ton of them. But I decided at the last minute to give it away.

Announcements at a Tournament

Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate is releasing in 12 days and I’m extremely excited for its overhaul. If you’re not all that into academic speech and debate, I think you should be. It’s an exciting movement through home, private and public schools, so I’m sure you know a student who could benefit from it. The 5th edition updates the event rules for NCFCA, Stoa, and NFL leagues. Order your copy here.

But that’s just half my excitement. Over the 12 years of developing this guide (the 1st edition published in 2001), the biggest question I have gotten runs something like this, “How do I get involved?” Academic speech and especially debate is a whole new world to most people. Educators, home schoolers, and administrators are easily impressed with the outcomes, but the tools to jump in and do it aren’t readily available.

There are three magical aspects to Jeub’s Guide Curriculum that make this an absolute gem of a solution. A valuable one, too!

  1. Only Seven Lessons. The subtitle is “7 Lessons to Mastering Speech & Debate.” There is magic in simplicity. By the end of the curriculum, you will have few questions on understanding the world of speech and debate.
  2. Confidence builder. I explain in the beginning of the 5th edition my humble beginnings as a young English teacher thrown into a debate coaching position. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I fell in love with the activity. So I wrote from this perspective: I know all-too-well the blind walk you’re embarking on. The curriculum shines the light on the path.
  3. The curriculum is only $20. That’s the price of the book itself! It’s free.

Yeah, that last one was the risk I took. I put all of the curriculum online that, with a digial code offered in the book, comes absolutely free. Really, you’re getting $40 worth of resources for $20. You’ll be ready to roll!

Here’s the inside scoop of why I’m doing this. I hope the book and free curriculum makes it possible to spread the word and get more involved. Like any economy, the more active participation, the smoother things go. I have little doubt that once you get rolling—with a team of other teachers and coaches or on your own—word will spread on how awesome the speech and debate community is.

It’s that simple. I want the love to spread. I’m giving it away. You’re going to do speech and debate next year. All that you need is wrapped up in the $20 Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate.

This month I’m offering the beginning pages with a subscription to my blog (see here). Visit Monument Publishing to order the book: http://monumentpublishing.com/guide.