Why Josh Taylor Is Our Keynote

Our keynote speaker at the Texas Training Minds Camp is Josh Taylor, creator of the popular YouTube Channel Blimey Cow. I hope you come to camp to learn how to compete in speech and debate, but there is a bigger purpose I have in bringing in Josh.

You may know Josh through his little brother, Jordan. He’s the star of Messy Mondays, but Josh is the “brains” of the operation. He’s an entrepreneur and social media expert who has built up an incredible community of people.

If you’re a homeschooler, I bet you are fan of Blimey Cow. Their most popular video is 7 Lies About Homeschoolers, currently over 1.7 million views. Josh writes a weekly script that makes fun of his upbringing, but in a clean and respectful way. Subscribe to his channel…you’ll look forward to his videos every Monday.

But here’s why I want you to come meet him next month: Josh wants to show you how he is so successful. I’ve gotten to know him personally and am thoroughly impressed with his vision for young people. He is a teacher at heart and will be sharing with you how the opportunities of today’s internet world are incredible!

Josh isn’t a competitive speaker or debater, but he is definitely walking the walk that I would like to see our speech and debate community walk. The business/career world is changing drastically. With our sluggish economy, career building has turned into platform building, customers have turned into communities, and business-as-usual has turned into communicators-take-all.

Communicators will dominate the future. I sincerely believe that. Michael Hyatt was our keynote last summer, and he gave a riveting speech about what it means to be building a platform in today’s volatile world. Josh is closer to the ages of our students, a product of homeschooling, and I know he’ll make an impact on those who attend to train minds for action (1 Peter 1:13).

If you are looking for a summer camp to go to — one that will teach you (or your teenager) about how to communicate and take on the leadership roles in the future — Josh Taylor and I will see you at the Texas Training Minds Camp…

Registration Closes June 30


Blimey Cow and Co

Josh Taylor and the Blimey Cow cast.