Why We Knock Ourselves Out (and Pictures)

Wendy and I did it! We threw an awesome birthday party yesterday, one of our best. Approximately 150 guests showed up for an entire day of fun and games.

We do family portraits every year on the morning of the bash. See all of them on my Facebook page.

Yesterday I explained how the Jeub Birthday Bash started for economic reasons (we couldn’t afford a party for every single child; read the article here). That was the beginning, but we continue throwing parties like this for other great reasons. We knock ourselves out every year – and we never regret it – because…

  1. We enjoy hospitality. Little gives us more pleasure than seeing other enjoy our household. Not everyone enjoys this. Some have one or two parties like the Jeub Birthday Bash in their entire lifetime (weddings, graduations, etc.). We look forward to planning this party every year because we love filling our home with families.
  2. We appreciate our friends. Wendy and I know a lot of good people, and we enjoy celebrating whatever with them. Honestly, I believe we are privileged to be friends with the best people in the world. We love them dearly and enjoy having them hang with us.
  3. We celebrate life. We love our children and we love how they bless the world they’re in. Ever since each of them came into the world. we’ve been celebrating their contribution to it. Honestly, the birth of life is a great reason for a yearly celebration.

Here are some pictures, and more can be found on my Facebook Page

Tug of War

Home Made Root Beer

Lining Up for the Pinata

First Swings

Happy Birthday

Gifts from Friends

A big gift: a foosball table!

Interested? Wendy and I wrote a book about our family called LOVE IN THE HOUSE. Check it out!

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  • Sheila, Mom to Seven

    Oh, everyone looks SO miserable. Those poor children who don’t get their very own individual b-day party. (LOL!)
    ‘Looks like a truly wonderful event. 🙂

  • What a GREAT idea… I love it!!!

  • Not only is a wonderful idea but you make everyone feel special not just the “birthday” kids. I also love the tradition you have on each individual child’s(young man’s/woman’s) birthday. Breakfast in bed, simple gifts from their brothers and sisters and picking out their birthday dinner and dessert. I love seeing the pictures. The joy of being served breakfast and bed and seeing the happy faces around the dining room table, the dinner they chose and the dessert. Amazing things like root beer floats or cheesecake always with candles. I would love to have my birthday celebrated like that, especially being able to pick a meal from the wonderful Jeub’s “loving” kitchen!

    • Thanks for reminding me about the special day for each child. We don’t neglect their REAL birthdays. If others want to keep in touch with this detail, friend me on Facebook, or Wendy.

  • Jessica B

    Wonderful! I was just joking about doing this when talking to my sister yesterday. She can’t keep track of her neices birthdays (we have 5 girls and 1 boy) and I thought maybe it would make it easier on her, lol. Then I really did start thinking that it would be a good idea and I wonder if people would think me crazy for doing it. Glad I won’t be the only one, I think we’ll be doing this from now on!