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Like no other podcasts since its inception, Episodes 43-45 set competitors up for the year of competition. Let me explain why, and better yet, why you will want to subscribe to its email reminders.

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August 1 is the big release date for Monument Publishing’s seven sourcebooks. These are my company’s bestselling sourcebooks with champion speakers, debaters and coaches working rigorously this summer to bring together the best content available for NCFCA and Stoa competitors nationwide.

For the next three weeks, I will be interviewing the top contributors to the sourcebooks and explaining exactly what is in each book. Furthermore, I will…

  1. Announce a unique give-away item each week, unique only to podcast listeners.
  2. Announce the free case/article download that will come launch at the release of each podcast episode.
  3. Announce the complete spotlight case list for each resolution as well as additional speech event changes to our sourcebook material this year.
  4. Announce the names and credentials of our outstanding writer lineup, many of whom are national champions.
  5. Interview the lead contributors to each sourcebook, people like Vance Trefethen, Luis Garcia, and many more.

These will be exciting podcasts! You will want to subscribe by either clicking here or entering your email below. You won’t want to miss these podcasts, the special deals we have for you, and the exciting announcements to come.

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