Winner of the $245 Club Starter Package

Plus why I am so thrilled for any club picking this up

Congratulations to Regan Lindsay for winning the Club Starter Package at Stoa NITOC! She will be bringing this package back to her home club and saving her coach $245.


Our new Blue and Red Books are out, and they’re totally revised for you and your new teams.

The company I run (Monument Publishing) attempts to make the often-complicated and intimidating activity of debate simple and fun. After 18 years of publishing, my coaches and I have merged my sourcebook, curriculum and summer addendum together under the new release of Blue Book for Policy Debate and Red Book for Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

If you have time these last two days of NITOC, stop by my booth and pick up your edition. Blue/Red Books for 2016-2017 are available for purchase! I’ll be happy to explain how this is possible before the release of the resolutions.

Blessings to all those who advance this morning in speech, and to the final 10 still in out-rounds for debate!