Winners from the Survey

The first of my out-of-print classics give-away

Thank you for participating, persuaders! I have selected 5 winners of these rare C.S. Lewis Signature Classic books. Let me share with you my most significant finding from the survey, announce the winners, and remind you of a chance for another give-away.

A total of 144 friends participated in a 15-minute Q&A about the direction of the website. I was very intrigued to learn that most of my readers wanted to learn about “persuasion techniques” the most. Check out this screenshot of the results:

It sort of breaks my heart to hear no one wants to listen to my hunting stories, but that’s okay. (heh) But the fact that most people wanted to hear about persuasion techniques was a great encouragement. It very much helped me build my current PERSUADE strategy more than anything. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your participation in this survey.

So, congratulations to the five winners of the books, randomly chosen from the 144 entrants (an email awaits you in your inbox):

  1. Darlene McKeen
  2. Michele Geesaman
  3. Josiah Dasher
  4. Marcy Stevens
  5. Stacy Rea

Next week I’ll announce 5 more winners, but these will be from people who commented from within the PERSUADE course. If you haven’t watched these four videos yet, do so! They have been awesome, but the course goes away on Wednesday, November 15. Don’t miss out: PERSUADE.

Commenters get a chance to win these rare books!