Write and Send Your Christmas Letter

We’ve been receiving Christmas letters for weeks now.  Every day we receive a stack of letters, and I’m reminded each time that I have to get mine done. I’m behind schedule this year, but I promise to have the Jeub Family Christmas Letter published by this weekend.

Christmas Letters

Our family sends one out every year, quite a tradition for our brood. I get the job done with 8 steps, listed with a little detail below. At the end of this post, I have instructions on how you can send me YOUR letter. 

  1. Scroll through photos. I start by reflecting on the year of photos. I click through iPhoto and create a special list of my favorite pics.
  2. Make a chronological list of events. The pictures will remind me of the debate tournaments, vacations, business developments, holidays, etc. I make a list of all of them and brainstorm them with my family, much like a whiteboard meeting.
  3. Choose the best events. Perhaps the top 5-6 events “make the cut.” These are the events that bring the fondest memories from everyone in the family.
  4. Write the letter. The last few years I had a child to do this, but this year I’m up for it.
  5. Family editing process. We will read it as an entire family, get more feedback, etc.
  6. Update the mailing list. Our list is kept on an online spreadsheet through Google Docs, allowing us to update friends and relatives as the year goes on. We also have a mass mailing database that we’ll utilize for a one-time email blast.
  7. Publish the letter. We will have a PDF on our family website.
  8. Package and mail. Letters are a bit more complicated, but a nice family activity to get them out the door.

No small project, but worth fitting in the busy holiday season. The Christmas Letter is a way for my family to reconnect with friends and family. Expect the letter this weekend.

Send the Jeubs Your Letter

We have an awesome tradition: we tape letters around our living room throughout the Christmas season. After Christmas we read a few everyday till they are all read. We also tape pictures to our refrigerator. I blogged about this on our family site last week (read here).

Therefore, the Jeubs would LOVE to receive YOUR Christmas letter! You may either email me at chris@chrisjeub.com or mail to:

Monument Publishing
c/o Chris & Wendy Jeub
PO Box 3527
Monument, CO 80132

Question: Do you write a letter for your family and friends?