You Made It to Nationals, Now Let’s Talk NITC

There are two reactions to debaters who make it to Nationals: (1) Whew! I made it. Now I can relax. (2) Awesome! I made it. Now I need to take full advantage of the opportunity to compete at the most exciting tournament of the year. This post is about the latter, of which I hope you’re a part of.

Take your nationals opportunity seriously by joining the NITC Society of debaters.

Take your nationals opportunity seriously by joining the NITC Society of debaters.

When you think about it, your qualification to nationals is a great gift. Whether you are your club’s most valuable player or you barely squeaked by, you earned it! God has set you up with a fantastic opportunity to compete alongside the best of the best at Stoa NITOC or NCFCA Nationals. Whether you think of yourself as such or not, you’re in champion status, and champions take advantages of opportunities like this.

I’ve got just the thing for you, but you’ll have to act quickly because time is ticking away and Nationals will be here before you know it:

Join the Nationals Intensive Training Camp

Stoa NITOC     NCFCA Nationals

We’ve been running a very unique camp every year since 2009. National competitors from all over the country gather together at a disclosed location to drill, train, collaborate and scrimmage on the weekend before their big week of competition. Quite honestly, this is the most exciting camp we host every year. Let me list the ways this camp is awesome and is your most perfect solution for making your Nationals experience the absolute best it can be.

  1. Coaching. Your tuition pays for flying in the top coaches in the nation (even the world!) for NITC. Many of the coaches publish the bestselling debate sourcebooks in the country. Vance Trefethen (Blue Book), Isaiah McPeak (Ethos), Cheyenne Ossen (Red Book) and many more coaches are on the list of a stellar coaching staff that will help lead you to success. See our growing list of coaches.
  2. Proof. Of the five years of camps, we produced three title winners. Let that settle in for a moment. That is an incredible track record! Winning Nationals is the most difficult accomplishment of the year, and NITC has a positive track record in that. In fact, two of them (Chase Harrington 2011 and Matthew Erickson 2012) are returning as coaches for the camp. You will definitely want to be a part of NITC! See our success from 2013 here.
  3. Fellowship. There is something magical about this group of competitors. We come together as somewhat of a club, nothing holding us back, and we have a ton of fun together. We call this group the “NITC Society.” They’re awesome! Check out testimonials and pictures from previous NITC camps.
  4. Representation. Nationals is a most unique tournament: the best from all over the country come together and they bring their parents and judges with them. There is no more diverse group of kids than the NITC kids. This is the absolute best way to get a taste of what is coming your way for the following week of competition.
  5. Briefs. Team-Policy and Lincoln-Douglas debaters will collaborate to pump out the “Final Installments” to the Blue Book and Red Book debate briefs. Students share flows from across the nation on students who will be at Nationals, so this book of briefs becomes a most valuable tool to going against the best debaters in the league.
  6. Practice. Think about this: you’ll be rusty going into Nationals, and so will everyone else. But not the NITC competitors! They will have a full day of strategizing and two scrimmage rounds with the best students in the nation the weekend before. We like to think NITC kids enter Round 3 at nationals — momentum behind them — and everyone else is clunking into Round 1.
  7. Underdogs. We often attract the #1 students in the nation, but even if you barely made it to Nationals, the coaches and I want you to join us. In fact, three times we have led the bottom seed (the undermost dog of the tournament!) to beat the top seed at nationals. Last year’s was quite a miraculous story! Read about it here: Story of How the Underdog Team Took Out #1.

Debate is the best activity to be involved in, and preparing for the National Tournament in your league is perhaps the biggest privilege and opportunity you will have this year. Perhaps your entire debate career! Don’t hesitate in taking it as seriously as you can. Come to NITC!

Join the Nationals Intensive Training Camp

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