Your Christmas May Be Uptight If…

I must be honest with you. I found it way too easy to come up with this list. I used to believe some of the bullet points below. I hope you don’t.

Jeub Christmas Eve Tree

I hope Christmas is a joyful time for you. Remember the awesomeness of the season: the Love of God came into the world. Don’t let grumpiness and legalism steal today’s magnificence away.

The following responses may hit close to home. I actually used to hold on to some of them. Today, Christmas is the most enjoyable, spiritual, wholesome holiday for our family. I chuckle at this list today, knowing how silly it was to allow my mind’s logic rip away the joy of the season. So, I hope this list blesses you.

Your Christmas May Be Uptight If…

  • It is upsetting that Christmas is, for some people, all about buying gifts for one another.
  • When someone says “Happy Holidays,” you snap back, “Merry CHRISTmas!”
  • “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a tale about how a capitalist system is taken over by socialists.
  • You enjoy reminding everyone that the Magi really came two years after Jesus’ birth.
  • You’re bothered by the fact that Christmas trees are rooted in pagan culture.
  • Christmas dinner for you is tolerating the jabber from your unsaved relatives.
  • “Peace on earth” deserves a lengthy bible study to understand its true meaning.
  • Rudolph is an evil depiction of Christmas, the only acceptable Christmas cartoon being the Peanuts Christmas.
  • You believe Frosty the Snowman has absolutely no spiritual connotation to the true Christmas story at all.
  • You believe Santa Clause is Satan’s attempt to have little children think God isn’t real.

Merry Christmas!

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  • (Adam) Reid Hall

    Yep, Chris, me too. It’s amazing how much we can miss. I focused on being right, rather than the good news that it’s already been done. He gave me His righteousness cause I don’t even know what right looks like….And now I need to go perform a wedding for two plush toys who were made for each other. thanx Brother.

  • judi

    My ability to relax on these issues has really evolved over the last 25 years. Although I grew up in Christian home we did not celebrate Christmas. My dad had a whole laundry list of reasons why Christmas wasn’t Biblical and we typically avoided church around that time choosing instead to leave town and take our family vacations during those weeks. I still respect my parents for having the courage of their convictions but I’ve learned to embrace the joy of the season and reject the legalism that often weighed my father down.

    • A very thoughtful response. Thanks for sharing, Judi!