Your Two Essential Competitive Routines

Here we are in September, moving forward into a new year of speech and debate. If you want to maximize your year’s competitive success, you will make sure you have in place two routines, and they’re fairly new this year. Let me explain.

Lincoln-Douglas 2012 Titlist Matthew Erickson (right) coaches a student at Training Minds LD Camp in Colorado.

Lincoln-Douglas 2012 Titlist Matthew Erickson (right) coaches a student at Training Minds LD Camp in Colorado.

Routine #1 (I’ll explain more below) is your sourcebook, and I’m nearly completed with all of them in two major releases. Here’s my yearly publishing routine: (1) Round up the best editors, (2) launch the print edition sourcebooks, (3) release the October Addenda. These are my sourcebooks (Blue, Red, Gold, Silver and Bronze) for all debate and speech events.

Routine #2 (and I’m most excited about this one) is your podcast, a specially tailored weekly broadcast I personally design and edit just for you. We’re already four weeks into the sessions and my listenership has skyrocketed. When you hear more about it, you’ll see that subscribing and listening every week is a fantastic routine to keep in order to be successful.

Okay, let me explain more on how these two routines are going to make a champion speaker and debater out of you…

Your Yearly Sourcebook

In one week, the sourcebook you ordered for the speaking/debating event you are preparing for will be complete. I have been working with approximately 50 authorsall champion competitors and coaches — since May to pull the absolute best sourcebook material together, the final addendum releasing October 1.

This is a different routine compared to previous years. We allowed ourselves some excess time to pull together better articles, briefs, cases and speeches. We still launched our coil-bound print publication earlier than ever (they have been out since August 1), but the bulk of the project is launching in a week.

Already I have seen this pay off big time. For team-policy, for example, “Coach Vance” Trefethen had a brilliant case written to fund the Syrian rebels in the Middle East and a case to defund them. NCFCA debaters were all set to download the Syrian rebel counter cases and negative briefs. Guess what happened last week? Congress passed Vance’s plan.

With this new cutting-edge sourcebook release schedule, Vance was able to swap out cases just in time for release. Policy debaters — in both NCFCA and Stoa leagues — can expect the most current Blue Book in its 16 year publishing history.

The yearly sourcebook kicks off your year. You will have the coil-bound material at your side as you delve into the speech and debate events you committed yourself to. But there is another resource brand new this year that you want to keep close…

Your Weekly Podcast

The momentum must continue, and it will with the brand new Training Minds Podcast. We’re already into our 4th weekly episode, and if you want to stay on the cutting edge of all things speech and debate, you’ll subscribe and stay tuned to these weekly episodes.

Best of all, the podcast is free! And the material is content homeschoolers pay top dollar for every summer at my Training Minds Camps. I have loads of content from years of debate and speech training that I’m editing down to a simple 45-minute podcast every week, specifically molded to your needed momentum for competitive preparation.

For example, this week is the first of a two-part series featuring Stoa national champions Cheyenne Ossen and Matthew Erickson. Both of these CCU debaters taught a unique Lincoln-Douglas debate camp at Colorado Christian University last summer. This week and next, I edited down their sessions on debating values, one for novice debaters and another advanced.

I’ll be blunt: I believe this year will be a pivotal year for speech and debate. I hope I don’t sound too proud, but the Monument Publishing Sourcebooks and the Training Minds Podcasts are two major contributors to its greater success.

So, get your sourcebook ordered and subscribe to the Training Minds Podcast. Today!